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American History

From Radio to Television: The History of Electronic Communication

In 1900, the invention of the radio was patented thereby cutting the cord of the great invention of the telegraph and allowing news and music to be broadcast to many people simultaneously. It wasn’t long before inventors figured out how to include picture with the audio and soon the television was born. By 1955, television had made its way into the living rooms of half of the American population. […]

image of Ukraine on map
European History

Ukraine and Russia: A Violent Identity Crisis

The history of Russia and Ukraine has been tumultuous, and marred by violence. Scholars have noted that Russia without Ukraine is a country, but Ukraine and Russia combined is an empire. As the conflict between regions continues, it’s hard to imagine a time when the relationship will finally be stable. […]

Health and Fitness Articles


The Secret Life of a Virus

Viruses are tiny, tiny particles that are not visible by anything but the electron microscope. They are referred to as obligatory intracellular parasites because they […]

Robert Greenberg’s Music History Monday

Portrait of composer Louis Moreau Gottschalk
Music Appreciation

Music History Monday: We All Make Mistakes

During his all-too-brief, 40-year lifetime, Gottschalk was considered to be the greatest pianist and composer ever born in the Western hemisphere, the “Chopin of the New World.” […]

Science Articles

Image of atom and space for theory of everything article

A Search For the Theory of Everything

The unifying theories of physics are among the greatest and most complex in all of science; their progression toward ever-grander insights, pointing towards an as-yet-unfinished ultimate synthesis that will transform our understanding of the universe, which is nothing less than a search for the theory of everything. […]

Malaria: The King of Tropical Diseases

Malaria—a mosquito-borne infectious disease—is widespread in tropical and subtropical regions of Earth. One of a variety of tropical diseases, Malaria has had a long and insidious […]