American History

From Radio to Television: The History of Electronic Communication

In 1900, the invention of the radio was patented thereby cutting the cord of the great invention of the telegraph and allowing news and music to be broadcast to many people simultaneously. It wasn’t long before inventors figured out how to include picture with the audio and soon the television was born. By 1955, television had made its way into the living rooms of half of the American population. […]


Japanese Family Life: A Historical Perspective

Japan’s 2,000-year-old civilization grew through periods of seclusion and assimilation to cultivate a society responsible for immeasurable influences on the rest of the world. Here, we’ll take a peak at how Japanese family life evolved over ten centuries. […]

photo of interior of Thomas Jefferson's bible
American History

An Icon of History: Thomas Jefferson’s Bible

Jefferson’s bible is an amazing artifact. It provides insight into Jefferson’s views and his handiwork, an amazing illustration of how this founding father himself practiced the freedom of religion so avidly sought for all Americans. […]

Washington Home
American History

Islam in America — The American Revolution

Former President Barack Obama stated “Islam has always been a part of America.” History confirms this to be undeniably true. Read more from The Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington & The Great Courses Daily. […]

Image of german revolution
European History

The Great Powers of World War I — Germany’s Revolution

The litmus test of a Great Power was whether it was capable of asserting its own will in international affairs without needing to seek the approval of a Great Power. As of 1914, the Great Powers of the Eastern Continent included Great Britain, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Russia — but here, we’ll be focusing soleley on the rise of Germany. And yes, there will be generals dressed as ballerinas. […]

Image of Marian Anderson singing at Lincoln Memorial
American History

Sing Out for Justice — Marian Anderson

On Easter Sunday, April 9, 1939 African American contralto Marian Anderson performed an unprecedented open-air concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. What she wore on that day illustrated that, despite stereotypes and obstacles, an African American woman could transcend entrenched social and cultural barriers to achieve fame, fortune, and success. […]

Image of Rome Colluseum
Ancient History

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

For all its renown as a work of style, elegance, wit, and insight, The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by the Enlightenment historian Edward Gibbon can be quite intimidating for the armchair historian. Yet even today, centuries after its original publication, Gibbon’s historical chronicle demands to be read and understood. […]

Image of viking ship and early Beowulf manuscript

Viking Kings — Legendary Figures Of The Viking Age

The Epic of Beowulf (c. 675–725) and The Saga of Hrólf Kraki (c. 13th century) look back to the 6th century when legendary kings of Denmark and Sweden ruled from great halls and won great victories. These figures were role models and inspirations to the sea kings and territorial rulers of the Viking Age. […]

Image of 4 historical figures over watches
Applied Philosophy

Can We Truly Know The Lives of Historical Figures?

We have a problem in everyday language when we want to talk about “what happened” in the lives of historical figures. What happened is surprisingly complicated, even when we wish to explain an event that occurred earlier today, much less the actions of a person living 2,500 years ago […]

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