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America’s Founding Fathers

America’s Founding Fathers is a deep dive into the creation of the U.S. Constitution as it actually happened – not as many are led to believe it happened. […]

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The Apocryphal Jesus

Much of what we know about Jesus today actually comes from apocryphal sources rather than the Bible. The Apocryphal Jesus is your chance to learn about the breadth and depth of the early Christian world from a variety of sources—many of which were considered heretical at various times in history. […]

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Learning to Play Guitar: Chords, Scales, and Solos

Why the guitar? Like the piano, the guitar is a stand-alone solo instrument, and an endlessly adaptable “partner” for musical and vocal accompaniment. Discover the joy of playing, reading, and understanding music from a master teacher, in this hands-on course. […]

Mayo Guide to Pain Relief by The Great Courses
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The Mayo Clinic Guide to Pain Relief

If your life or the life of someone you love has been hijacked by pain, you’re not alone. Pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined. […]

Art of Debate by The Great Courses
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The Art of Debate

Explore the elements of a formal debate and see how structured argumentation can help you clarify your thinking and make better decisions. […]

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Great Utopian and Dystopian Works of Literature

Who are we as a society? Who do we want to be? Who are we afraid we might become? When these questions are framed in the speculative versions of Heaven and Hell on earth, you won’t find easy answers, but you will find tremendously insightful and often entertaining perspectives. […]

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The History and Achievements of the Islamic Golden Age

most students of history have only a passing familiarity with a significant period known as the Islamic Golden Age in the Greater Middle East, from about 750 to 1258. Advancements in medicine, algebra and astronomy; influential figures like Avicenna and Averroes: these asides in the traditional story of the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance only gloss the surface of one of the most important periods of world history. […]

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Brain Myths Exploded: Lessons From Neuroscience

With its 86 billion neurons and hundreds of trillions of intricate connections, the human brain is mystifyingly complex. Which explains why, despite lightning-fast advancements in neuroscience, there’s still a lot that we don’t understand. […]

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