Baking 101: Mouthwatering Morning Muffins

Waking up in the morning, getting a cup of coffee, and getting out the door often seem like enough of a challenge in themselves without the added responsibility of cooking breakfast. Muffins are a great way to start the day! Learn how to make your muffins healthier, while still keeping them delicious. […]

Selection of healthy fat sources.

Healthy Fats — Embrace The Flavor!

Regardless of what you think you might know about fats and oils, plant oils are actually vital to your health, and they are also important for flavor development. Gone are the days when fat-free or even low-fat diets are synonymous with a trimmer waist or healthier life. All fats and oils have the same number of calories, but the way that they differ is how they affect your health, so it is important to focus on the quality of fats and oils as opposed to the quantity. […]

Sautee Vegetables

The Subtle Art of Sauté

In all of cookery, there are only four cooking techniques: dry-heat cooking with fat, dry-heat cooking without fat, moist-heat cooking, and combination cooking. Dry-heat cooking with fat embraces sautéing and stir-frying. The significance of using oil, or fat, instead of water in this technique is that oil allows the use of very high temperatures, which allow your food to brown very effectively. […]


Indian Spices: An Explosion of Flavors and Color

From cumin to coriander, paprika to pepper, Indian cuisine is a flavorful explosion of colorful spices. Add a new dimension of taste to your cooking repertoire by learning to incorporate these flavors into your own meals. […]

image of mushroom basket

Food for Thought: Marvelous Mushrooms

Mushrooms have a savory quality that is associated with protein. The Japanese call this quality umami. If you’re only cooking vegetables, you might discover that you miss the savory flavor associated with animal protein. Learn to take advantage of the umami flavor inherent in mushrooms by incorporating them into your favorite recipes. […]

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