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The Birth of Modern Science

One enduring mystery of modern science is why it happened where and when it did. Had modern science emerged in late Greco-Roman antiquity, in 11th- or […]

American History

Martin Luther King, Jr.: American Prophet

Martin Luther King, Jr’s, success stemmed from formidable oratory skills sharpened at the pulpit coupled with an intellectual and theological prowess that guided his actions to a stunning […]

Ancient History

The Mask of Tutankhamun

“One thought and only one was possible. There before us lay the sealed door, and with its opening we were to blot out the centuries and stand in the presence of a king who had reigned 3,000 years ago. My own feelings as I mounted the platform were a strange mixture, and with trembling hand I struck the first blow…” […]

Health and Fitness Articles

Health & Fitness

Is Homemade Slime Safe?

In an effort to make sure the barn door is firmly bolted shut now that the horses are long gone, let me give you the quick version: there’s nothing in homemade slime that’s likely to hurt anyone, as long as it’s “used as directed.” […]

Robert Greenberg’s Music History Monday

Ink portrait of Alban Berg in profile
Music Appreciation

Music History Monday: What a Way to Go

I’ve chosen, today, not to celebrate but rather, to observe some particular deaths: stupid deaths, unnecessary and premature deaths. A grim topic but not an uninteresting one, given that death is one of the very few things each of us will eventually have in common. […]

Photographic portrait of Anton Joseph Bruckner from a 1910 postcard
Music Appreciation

Music History Monday: A Rather Strange Fellow

Bruckner was a total country bumpkin: naïve, simple, overly trusting, deferential and pious to a fault….Bruckner’s “Jethro Clampett” persona was a source of great humor among the sophisticates of Vienna. But in fact he was an odd man, even for a composer. […]

Science Articles

image of extra dimensions

Big Mysteries: Extra Dimensions

Extra dimensions, which may well be an incorrect hypothesis, are one possible explanation for why gravity is so much weaker than the other forces.  In this video, Great Courses professor Dr. Don Lincoln explains it all with the help of a talking rabbit. […]

Image of lady and overlay of a brain for emotions post

Are Women More Emotional Than Men?

Are Women More Emotional Than Men? This idea that men and women think, talk, and understand things differently has existed for decades—inspiring books, college courses, research studies, and countless sitcoms. The truth is much more complicated and nuanced. […]