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American History

The Eight Fundamental Thresholds of Big History

David Christian structures his groundbreaking Big History course around eight fundamental thresholds. Each of them is associated with new forms of complexity, and each of which has new emergent properties. Here we will take a high-level look at the eight fundamental thresholds of Big History and the material covered within each. […]


The Birth of Modern Science

One enduring mystery of modern science is why it happened where and when it did. Had modern science emerged in late Greco-Roman antiquity, in 11th- or […]

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Health & Fitness

How To Break Bad Habits: Train Yourself Like A Dog

While bad habits can seem like minor, unimportant behaviors, they are, in fact, significant activities that can derail an otherwise healthy, happy lifestyle. How can we use the tools of cognitive neuroscience to help us break bad habits? […]

Robert Greenberg’s Music History Monday

Portrait of George Frederick Handel
Music Appreciation

Music History Monday: A Model Citizen

On this day in 1727, the nearly 42 year-old Georg Friedrich Händel was transformed into George Frederick Handel when he was became a naturalized British subject by order of the crown. […]

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Music Appreciation

Music History Monday: The Opera That Almost Wasn’t

On this day 131 years ago—February 5, 1887—Giuseppe Verdi’s 25th and penultimate opera, Otello, received its premiere at the Teatro alla Scala (“La Scala”) in Milan. The premiere was the single greatest triumph in Verdi’s sensational career. But it was a premiere—and an opera—that almost didn’t happen. […]

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Music Appreciation

Music History Monday: Death and the Maiden

At the beginning of the song, it is cast in D minor as a funeral march, one that invokes the impending death of the maiden. But when the passage returns to conclude the song, it is set in D major. The effect is so powerful as to make us gasp: with this seemingly simple switch from minor to major, everything is transfigured… […]

Science Articles

How Weather Radar Saves Lives

Weather radar technology has revolutionized the forecasting of severe storms and has saved many lives. The revolution began in the evening of April 9, 1953, when two meteorologists at the Illinois State Water Survey decided to break the rules… […]