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illustration of painful arthritis in knee

Understanding Arthritis — Types, Treatments, and Myths

Around 21 million people report that arthritis restricts their functional capabilities in some way, usually manifesting as pain, stiffness, loss of function, and in worse cases, loss of independence. When it comes to joint care, understanding what’s true and what’s not can help you take a positive action to reduce the painful effects of arthritis. […]

Health & Fitness

Treating a Fever: Acetaminophen vs. Ibuprofen

There are a lot of myths about fever. 98.6 F is not and has never been the “normal” temperature. Fevers, themselves, cause no harm. They also don’t help very much. In the modern world, fever is not a necessary or particularly useful part of your immune response. […]

Robert Greenberg’s Music History Monday

Close up photograph of a Steinway & Sons piano keyboard
Music Appreciation

Music History Monday: An American Success Story

Born Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg, Henry Steinway’s life and accomplishments are a textbook example of the great American success story: of an immigrant and his family who by dint of the hardest work, ambition, sacrifice, artistry, and no small bit of genius created something of true and lasting import. […]

Watercolor portrait of Frédéric Chopin
Music Appreciation

Music History Monday: An Auspicious Debut

That event took place in September of 1831, when Chopin was 21. He might have been a small, slim, young, physically unprepossessing provincial from Warsaw, but by the time he arrived in Paris to seek his fame and fortune he was a fully formed composer and already one of the best pianists in the world.

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Breaking the Sound Barrier and Beyond

During and just after World War II, the quest for ever faster fighter planes reached an apparent natural barrier—the speed of sound. Yet, on approaching this limit, aircraft became unstable and uncontrollable. In this full lecture, discover how a new approach to aircraft design solved the problem of compressibility and shock waves in this transonic region, paving the way for supersonic flight and paved the way to breaking the sound barrier. […]

Alternating Current vs. Direct Current—What’s The Difference?

Examine the nuances of alternating and direct currents, see how transformers use electromagnetic induction to transform voltage levels in AC circuits, and observe the role of diodes and capacitors in regulating current. See how the DC power supplies that charge our cell phones are constructed so that they convert alternating to direct current. […]

Image of Roses

Will Flowering Plants Take Over the World?

Flowering plants arrived relatively late in geological time, between 290 to 145 million years ago. But once here, they evolved quickly and often displaced many other types of plants. In fact, in terms of species, flowering plants are the dominant plant form on Earth today with more than 300,000 types. Learn how their unique reproductive mechanisms led to this explosion of speciation in such a relatively short time.