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History of Latin America: The Rise of Latin American Nations

Latin America does not usually loom in world history as the source of one of the great traditions. It’s a borrower of forces and influences from other places that then merge with more local elements and traditions, but Latin America has had a varied and significant role in world history. […]

European History

Monarchs and Kings: Establishing 16th-Century Dynasties of Europe

As Europe approached 1500, a generation of stronger monarchs arose. Their goal was to suppress baronial rebellions and subordinate the church and aristocracy. They wanted to make themselves more secure and, ultimately, absolute. They would establish the modern conception of the nation-state with unitary loyalty owed to that state. […]

Robert Greenberg’s Music History Monday

Photograph of polymath Sir George Grove
Music Appreciation

Music History Monday: My Favorite Things!

It didn’t take long for Grove’s Crystal Palace concerts to become an essential fixture on the London music scene. George Grove wrote the program notes for the concerts, notes that were embraced by the concert-going public for their plain, understandable, non-technical language. […]

Portrait of Maria Anna Mozart, known as Nannerl Mozart
Music Appreciation

Music History Monday: The Other Mozart Kid

Nannerl was something of a musical prodigy herself, and by an early age she had become a formidable harpsichordist and pianist, to the degree that in the earliest of the Mozart family musical tours, she often received top billing over her brother. […]

Portrait of Domenico Scarlatti holding a letter
Music Appreciation

Music History Monday: Domenico Scarlatti

Scarlatti did something that neither Bach nor Handel did: neither Bach (who died in 1750) nor Handel (who died in 1759) transcended the musical syntax of the “High (or late) Baroque”, irksome though it might be to employ such a period designation. […]

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