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The Origins of Agriculture

Explore perhaps the most important revolution in the history of humanity, and even of our planet: the transition from foraging to agriculture. […]

Ancient History

The Democratization of the Hundred Years War

During the first phase of the Hundred Years War, the kings of France and England tended to hire lots of mercenaries who were paid by campaign. When there was no fighting, the pay stopped. This caused serious societal difficulties because one of the last things you want is a lot of unemployed armed individuals. […]

Business and Economics

Asian Tigers: Economics and the Development of the Asian Nations

The Japanese model of development has transformed not only its own economy but also that of the entire region, both through example and through its economic relationships. The transformation began in the 1960s, when Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea embarked on a Japanese-style development model. […]

Health and Fitness Articles

Health & Fitness

Performance-Enhancing Drugs: The Lance Armstrong Doping Scandal

America’s most well-known cyclist of the recent past is, no doubt, Lance Armstrong. Born in Texas, Armstrong turned pro in 1992 at age 21, and within the next few years, won major competitions, including stages within the Tour de France. Few foresaw the disgraceful path his career would soon take, tainted by the abuse of performance-enhancing drugs. […]

Robert Greenberg’s Music History Monday

Portrait of Beethoven in 1803
Music Appreciation

Music History Monday: First Firsts

Yes! By April, 1800 the 29 year-old Beethoven was prepared to go the distance, take the plunge, go mano-e-mano with the Viennese musical establishment taken as widely as we please: he was ready to stake his claim as a mature compositional artist and put forward his first symphony! […]

Science Articles

The Birth of Modern Science

One enduring mystery of modern science is why it happened where and when it did. Had modern science emerged in late Greco-Roman antiquity, in 11th- or […]

Malaria: The King of Tropical Diseases

Malaria—a mosquito-borne infectious disease—is widespread in tropical and subtropical regions of Earth. One of a variety of tropical diseases, Malaria has had a long and insidious […]