History Articles

image of Ukraine on map
European History

Ukraine and Russia: A Violent Identity Crisis

The history of Russia and Ukraine has been tumultuous, and marred by violence. Scholars have noted that Russia without Ukraine is a country, but Ukraine and Russia combined is an empire. As the conflict between regions continues, it’s hard to imagine a time when the relationship will finally be stable. […]

photo of interior of Thomas Jefferson's bible
American History

An Icon of History: Thomas Jefferson’s Bible

Jefferson’s bible is an amazing artifact. It provides insight into Jefferson’s views and his handiwork, an amazing illustration of how this founding father himself practiced the freedom of religion so avidly sought for all Americans. […]

Health and Fitness Articles

illustration of painful arthritis in knee

Understanding Arthritis — Types, Treatments, and Myths

Around 21 million people report that arthritis restricts their functional capabilities in some way, usually manifesting as pain, stiffness, loss of function, and in worse cases, loss of independence. When it comes to joint care, understanding what’s true and what’s not can help you take a positive action to reduce the painful effects of arthritis. […]

Image of Zika warning sign

The Zika Virus: What Have We Learned So Far?

Although the Zika virus existed in central Africa decades ago, the rapid spread of the virus around the world in only a couple of years is a significant event. What do we already know, and what do we still have to learn about this prolific virus? […]

Robert Greenberg’s Music History Monday

Photograph of Canadian pianist Glenn Gould (Glenn Gold)
Music Appreciation

Music History Monday: One of a Kind

Glenn Gould was an otherworldly musical genius. He was also a nut: one of the great eccentrics in the history of Western music. He wasn’t a nut because he was a musical genius, and he wasn’t a musical genius because he was a nut. No; the genius and the nuttiness were one and the same, something that separated him – almost from the beginning of his life and increasingly as he got older – from his fellow human beings. […]

Ink portrait of Alban Berg in profile
Music Appreciation

Music History Monday: What a Way to Go

I’ve chosen, today, not to celebrate but rather, to observe some particular deaths: stupid deaths, unnecessary and premature deaths. A grim topic but not an uninteresting one, given that death is one of the very few things each of us will eventually have in common. […]

Science Articles

The Origin of Mass

Sophisticated consumers of science have heard that the Higgs boson is the origin of mass for ordinary matter. This is true, to a degree…  […]

Biological Anthropology—Unpacking Race and Biology

What does it mean to be human? Where did we come from? And what unites us in our diversity today? As the world population continues to explode, these big questions about humanity become increasingly important, and biological anthropology is the field of study that tackles them. […]

How Weather Radar Saves Lives

Weather radar technology has revolutionized the forecasting of severe storms and has saved many lives. The revolution began in the evening of April 9, 1953, when two meteorologists at the Illinois State Water Survey decided to break the rules… […]