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Ancient History

The Epic Reign of Sargon of Akkad

The rise of Sargon of Akkad, who ruled from 2334 to 2279 B.C., is a story that tells of the creation of a new, powerful dynasty in Mesopotamian history. […]

Health and Fitness Articles

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Health & Fitness

Tai Chi: The Path Toward Mastery

Rather than being a strictly physical martial art, tai chi relies on a combination of the mental and the physical to create a harmonious set of movements. Take your first step into mastering these movements in this lecture by Professor David Dorian Ross. […]

Close-up photograph of a woman putting natural remedies into a mug
Health & Fitness

Natural Remedies: Fact vs. Fiction Part II

Here’s the scoop, the insider secret you all have been waiting for: most concerns that most people bring to the doctor, most of the time, are things that will get better on their own. Your cough will get better, your fever will get better, your sprained ankle will get better. […]

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Health & Fitness

The Science of Addiction: Why Are Opioids So Addictive?

The opioid crisis is very real, and very deadly. And if we want to stop it, or at least reduce the damage, we need to understand how these drugs work at a biological and neural level. What Are Opioids? How do they produce the effects that they produce? Why are they so addictive? And is there anything we can do to counteract their effects? […]

Robert Greenberg’s Music History Monday

Music Appreciation

Music History Monday: There’s No Software Without the Hardware

But most importantly was Pleyel’s founding of his piano company Pleyel et Cie in Paris in 1807. Improving on English technology, the company came out with a line of so-called “cottage pianos” or “pianinos”: small, vertically strung upright pianos, the first to be manufactured and sold in France. […]

Photograph of Serge Koussevitzky
Music Appreciation

Music History Monday: Serge Koussevitzky and What it Takes to Be a Special Person!

Generally but accurately speaking, the best advise you can give a musician (aside from never turn down free food) is DO NOT quit your day gig and, if it is possible, marry rich. Assuming that he never turned down free food, I’d tell you that Koussevitzky went one-for-two: in 1905, at the age of 31, he married a woman named Natalie Ushkova, who was the heiress of a fortune made in the tea business. […]

Photograph of Enrico Caruso as Canio in I Pagliacci
Music Appreciation

Music History Monday: A One Hit Wonder?

Leoncavallo composed I Pagliacci fairly early in his career, when he was 35. As is sometimes the case, its great and instant popularity worked against him: the public kept waiting for him to produce a work of like or better quality, and this Leoncavallo proved unable to do, though not for lack of trying. […]

Science Articles

How Do Your Eyes Work?

The human eye is a spectacularly complex organ that is fascinating to behold. Take a closer look at the structure and function of your eyes. The eyes […]

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How To Break Bad Habits: Train Yourself Like A Dog

While bad habits can seem like minor, unimportant behaviors, they are, in fact, significant activities that can derail an otherwise healthy, happy lifestyle. How can we use the tools of cognitive neuroscience to help us break bad habits? […]