Image of ancient Celtic Cross
Ancient History

Pictish Language and Symbols

April 22, 2020

The Language and Symbols Used by the Pictish Peoples. The different meanings of inscriptions and symbols employed by the Pictish people. […]

Christina Hunger's "talking dog" Stella with her sound board indoors.
Lifestyle News

Dog “Speaks” with Soundboard, Showing Canine Language Skills

November 15, 2019

A San Diego dog communicates with her owner via a custom soundboard, “People” reported. The owner, a speech-language pathologist, has conveyed the meaning of 29 words to the dog, so far. Canines not only understand words, but their barks hint at different meanings, too. […]

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The Great Courses Learning Paths—Language

July 6, 2018

Everything about a language is eternally and inherently changeable, from word order and grammar to the very sound and meaning of basic words. Take a deep dive into this fascinating world with a series of courses that provide the context, origin, and evolution of the marvelous gift of speech. […]

image of espanol text over photo of Spain

Learning Spanish: How to Understand and Speak a New Language

March 20, 2018

Think you’re too old to start learning Spanish? Don’t think you have a “language brain”? Think again! You may not have had the right method of instruction. Rote memorization and practice, practice, practice works for some, but not everyone learns that way. […]

Halves of the Brain Creative vs Analytical

Right Brain vs. Left Brain: Language, Dominance, and Their Shared Roles

December 1, 2017

When it comes to the “right brain vs. left brain” discussion, research has shown us just how communicative the hemispheres of our brain actually are. Unless the connection between them is physically severed, information zips across the hemispheres during the vast majority of tasks that our brains accomplish every second. […]


What Did the Ancient Greek Language Sound Like?

June 26, 2017

The Ancient Greek language is a language like no other. It records an astonishing array of great works in different genres, stretching across a thousand years of history. Watch lecture 1 from the series Greek 101: Learning an Ancient Language, and you’ll learn the 24 letters of the Greek alphabet using the restored classical pronunciation. […]

Beginner Japanese language learner writing Hello word in Japanese kanji characters

The Japanese Language: Context Is Everything

February 14, 2017

Japanese language is highly contextual. It’s hard to know how to say something in Japanese unless you know the details of the social context. And that reflects a long-standing Japanese concern with order, with hierarchy, and with consensus. […]

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