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A selection of green veggies high in protein

Plant Proteins—A Delicious Way to Eat Healthy

Discover the sources and nutritional perks of plant proteins, and learn some surprising ways to use them to create delicious meals. […]

image of various bags of rice for the article Back to Cooking School: Cook Rice Perfectly Every Time

Back to Cooking School: Cook Rice Perfectly Every Time

While it’s surprisingly simple to to make a mistake with this staple of cuisine, anyone can learn to make rice perfectly with these easy tips. […]

Photo of a man reaching into the refrigerator for a plate of leftovers

Learn to Love Leftovers—Let No Food go to Waste!

Revive your leftovers! Learn how to add fresh ingredients to leftovers or prepared foods to enhance their flavor and make them seem like a completely new dish. […]

Top-down photograph of 3 bowls of barbecue sauce

Get Your Grill on with Perfect Barbecue Sauces

Discover the world of barbecue sauces and learn a simple, yet delicious sauce recipe that accentuates almost any dish you grill. […]

Roasted Chicken Dinner

Cooking School Basics: Golden Brown Roasted Chicken

Deceptively complicated to perfect, Chef Instructor Bill Briwa shares tips for creating and carving a delectable Roasted Chicken—a staple of comfort food and home cooking. […]

Quick, Easy, and Delicious Dinners: Chowder

Trace the evolution of chowder from its beginning at sea, and discover the many variations that have emerged over the years. […]

Photo of Root Vegetables

The Rewards of Cooking with Root Vegetables

The humble root vegetable is a treasure. It is readily available, inexpensive, tremendously versatile, and very tasty. But how do you cook with it? […]

image of salad for healthy food choices article

Healthy Food Choices—Choosing The Right Option

Discover how easily healthy meals can be prepared and how enjoyable they can be with these healthy options rated from good, to best. […]

Photo of a beet partially sliced on a wooden cutting board

Food for Thought: Getting the Best from Beets

Beets have an image problem, but it’s not their fault. Most people don’t know how to cook them properly! Learn how to make beets a new family favorite. […]

Photo of a pie in a pie plate with a rolling pin in the background

Making Perfect Pie Crust is Easy as Pie!

Baking your own flaky pie crust is not as complicated as you might think! Here, Chef-Instructor Stephen Durfee shares his techniques to help you make the perfect pie crust.  […]

Top-down photo of a salad on a plate

Enjoy Healthy Eating With The Sonoma Smart Plate

The Sonoma Smart Plate, which is similar to the USDA’s MyPlate, is one of the easiest strategies for sensible eating. But what is it, exactly? […]

grilled turkey in a serving dish

Still Roasting? Quit Cold Turkey!

Put a twist on a traditional Thanksgiving theme. The Culinary Institute’s Chef Bill Briwa shows you his techniques for grilling turkey on the barbecue. […]

Baking utensils on a counter

The Basics of Baking

Many people are interested in learning how to bake, but they’re intimidated because they think it’s is too complicated. Once you learn the science behind baking, you’ll find that you get much better results! […]

From Pots to Shears—20 Essential Kitchen Tools

Learn how to select only the kitchen tools that you need, and make your kitchen a friendlier, safer, and more enjoyable place to create your edible masterpieces. […]

Photo of a woman's hand applying icing to a cake

Icing The Cake—Baking Tips From A Pro Chef

Making and applying cake frosting is not as daunting as you might think. With a few basic tips, you’ll be making bakery-quality works of art right in your own kitchen! […]

Closeup photo of a chocolate hazelnut cake on a plate sitting on a wooden table

Take The Cake! Baking Tips From A Pro Chef

Chef-Instructor Stephen Durfee shows you how to master common mixing methods and provides other tips to help you raise your cake baking to the next level. […]

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