Uzeyir Hajibeyov's manuscript of Arshin Mal Alan, written in 1913.
Music Appreciation

Music History Monday: Uzeyir Hajibeyov

September 18, 2017

The composer Uzeyir Hajibeyov is recognized as the godfather of Azerbaijani concert music and his birthday, September 18, is National Azerbaijan Music Day. […]

Ink portrait of Alban Berg in profile
Music Appreciation

Music History Monday: What a Way to Go

September 12, 2017

I’ve chosen, today, not to celebrate but rather, to observe some particular deaths: stupid deaths, unnecessary and premature deaths. A grim topic but not an uninteresting one, given that death is one of the very few things each of us will eventually have in common. […]

Photographic portrait of Anton Joseph Bruckner from a 1910 postcard
Music Appreciation

Music History Monday: A Rather Strange Fellow

September 5, 2017

Bruckner was a total country bumpkin: naïve, simple, overly trusting, deferential and pious to a fault….Bruckner’s “Jethro Clampett” persona was a source of great humor among the sophisticates of Vienna. But in fact he was an odd man, even for a composer. […]

Painting of Handel, King George, and several others on a boat, another boat with people in the background
Music Appreciation

Music History Monday: Water Music, Fiction and Facts

August 10, 2017

300 years ago George Frederich Handel’s Orchestral Suites in F Major and D Major (collectively known as his Water Music) received their premiere during a royal cruise down the River Thames from Whitehall to Chelsea. Here’s the story—the great story—about the writing and the premiere of that work. […]

Image of Robert Greenberg on black background with his name in white text
Music Appreciation

Music History Monday: Summer Break Announcement

July 24, 2017

[P]rovided I survive my present, self-inflicted ordeal, I will rejoin you in early September, prepared—once again—to invest Monday mornings with some degree of interest and amusement. […]


The Psychology of Color Schemes

July 8, 2017

The methods used by classical artists to create the illusion of shape, depth, and distance are the same principals you likely learned in primary school. By mastering two major color schemes, they learned to draw the viewer’s eye, evoke specific emotion, and challenge your preconceptions. […]

Portrait of composer Ferdinand David
Music Appreciation

Music History Monday: Our Kind of Musician

June 19, 2017

Ferdinand David was not just a ”musician’s musician” (meaning that other musicians respected him tremendously); he was, even more, a “composer’s musician”: someone who always put the music first. […]

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