Business Skills

Draw to Remember Better

What’s the most effective memory trick? New studies now point to drawing as a mnemonic strategy, boosting memory performance.  […]

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Business and Economics

The Medical Bankruptcies Debate

The debate over the extent to which uninsured medical costs lead to personal bankruptcies is interesting for a couple of reasons. In terms of social science and politics, it leads to a quagmire of difficult discussions, debating between someone’s health and their wallet. […]


Both Sides of the Vaping Controversy

Both Sides of the Vaping Controversy. Could vaping and e-cigarettes reduce the toll of death and illness due to smoking conventional cigarettes? The most recent issue of the Annual Review of Public Health has a nice pro-and-con. Professor Timothy Taylor discusses both sides of artificial cigarettes. Read more on The Great Courses Daily. […]

Business and Economics

Olympic Economics

Professor Timothy Taylor discusses the Olympic Economics of this year’s winter Olympics in South Korea. Read more on The Great Courses Daily […]


The History of Portugal: The Dawn of a Seafaring Empire

The exploration and exploitation of Africa and Asia changed the economies, cultures, and political makeup of each of these regions forever. They also had important ramifications for the political and military power of European nations. And it all began with Portugal. […]

Business and Economics

Asian Tigers: Economics and the Development of the Asian Nations

The Japanese model of development has transformed not only its own economy but also that of the entire region, both through example and through its economic relationships. The transformation began in the 1960s, when Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea embarked on a Japanese-style development model. […]

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