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From Old English to Modern English

December 31, 2020

Modern English has diverged from the Germanic nature of Old English. It was a result of the Viking influence in England. While learning Old English, they introduced some changes to the language. […]

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Internet and the Ancient Dream of Free Access to Information

December 30, 2020

Easy and ready access to information was once a stuff of dreams. Great visionaries cherished this desire until the right technology made this dream come true. From the libraries of Alexandria to the omnipresent Internet today, this vision has come a long way. […]

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Where is The Stage One of a Language?

December 19, 2020

A language might try to convey very small pieces of information through grammatical bits. Prefixes and suffixes are such bits. However, they did not start as prefixes and suffixes. They were whole words that conveyed the same meaning when Stage One of the language began. […]

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