young woman using a smart phone

How Do Smart Phones Affect Cultural Intelligence?

It’s difficult to understand your colleague’s point on a global call when you’re simultaneously emailing while “listening” to them. It’s difficult to fully engage with an unfamiliar culture when you’re still fully immersed in the world of email and social media updates from home. […]

photograph of a Lady Writing Snetences into a Notebook Diary

Elegant and Effective Sentences

Writing well is, at heart, all about writing well-crafted sentences. Sentences are alive. We experience them in time, and we react to their unfolding as […]

Applied Philosophy

The Wisdom of Crowds

We are going to talk about prediction. We are going to see how diverse ways of thinking contribute to the ability of a collection of […]

Business and Economics

Reverse Brainstorming

Brainstorming is well diffused. It’s familiar to many people. Let’s look at a more advanced tool for ideation called reverse brainstorming. In brainstorming and brainwriting, […]