Image showing microbes
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Bacteria: Anatomy and Functioning

January 30, 2021

The human body contains innumerable types of bacteria. These microorganisms can help humans directly; for example, E. coli. However, not all bacteria are beneficial for humans. These harmful bacteria are known as pathogens. […]

A patient infected with polio.
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Polio: An Infectious Disease of Epidemic Proportions

January 27, 2021

The beginning of the 20th century faced an outbreak of epidemic proportions caused by the polio virus. This virus mostly affects young children and infants and can cause severe damage to their nerves that can lead to paralysis, and in some cases death. […]

Microscopic image of Ebola virus.
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Infectious Diseases and Their Effect on Human Lives

January 26, 2021

Human history has witnessed several epidemics that have changed the course of medicine, leading to innovative treatments. People have become more aware of infectious diseases and realized that an outbreak can have serious repercussions on a global level. […]

car dummies wearing seat belts
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Media Attention: Seat Belts and Distracted Driving

December 27, 2020

Not wearing a seat belt and being distracted while driving are two of the major causes of death in car accidents. But it took years of effort before even wearing a seat belt was seen as being normal. […]

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Drunk Driving and the Media: The MADD Campaign

December 26, 2020

The death of a young teenage girl named Cari Lightner prompted her mother to form MADD: Mothers Against Drunk Driving. This movement changed the way drunk driving was perceived in the country. […]

Drink water pouring in to glass over sunlight and natural green background
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A Skeptic’s Look: Does Drinking Water Slow Down Aging?

December 9, 2020

Many people turn to media stories to look for health advice. It is challenging to make sure the information is reliable. Looking at things through a skeptical lens will help ensure the reliability of the story. Read on for a practical case of fact-checking health advice. […]

Caucasian woman is doing yoga excercises against picturesque landscapes in Norway M
Health And Fitness

Using the Skeptic’s Toolkit to Find the Anti-aging Effects of Exercise

December 9, 2020

The Internet is a good source of health advice as long as you are sure it comes from a trusted source. The health tips presented in the online world should be taken with a pinch of salt to make sure they are effective. Read on to see how the skeptic’s toolkit can help in finding sound information about the anti-aging role of exercise. […]

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