Right Brain vs. Left Brain: Language, Dominance, and Their Shared Roles

When it comes to the “right brain vs. left brain” discussion, research has shown us just how communicative the hemispheres of our brain actually are. Unless the connection between them is physically severed, information zips across the hemispheres during the vast majority of tasks that our brains accomplish every second. […]


Biological Warfare: The Geneva Protocol of 1925

Chemical and biological weapons were outlawed by the Geneva Protocol of 1925, which was to set the ground rules for World War II. The Geneva Protocol was a very good idea, but the actual treaty was completely toothless. […]

Health & Fitness

Food Science and Nutrition Myths: How Dangerous are GMOs?

Just about all the plants and animals that you think of as food have been extensively cultivated over centuries, or even thousands of years by human ingenuity. How much cultivation is required before food no longer considered natural? Is any amount okay? […]

Health & Fitness

Food Science and Nutrition Myths: Is Natural Food Better for Us?

Often, the assurance that these things are true—that our food is safe, etcetera—is covered by calling something “natural,” as if being all natural automatically comes will these virtues. But, is that true and what does it really mean to be natural? And, should we avoid food that is not natural? […]

Health & Fitness

The Many Health Benefits of Walking: The Science of Exercise

Perhaps due to its proven simplicity and comparably easy access, walking is the most undervalued exercise format that exists. As a sweeping generalization, a lot of people view it as only being suitable as a route to fitness for the elderly or the very out of shape. How wrong this statement is. […]

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