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Right Brain vs. Left Brain: Dispelling a Popular Brain Myth

December 1, 2017

Roger Sperry, together with his student Michael Gazzaniga, participated in pioneering experiments, which won Sperry the Nobel Prize in 1981, and helped make Michael Gazzaniga the father of cognitive neuroscience. But their experiments also seeded one of the biggest brain myths out there: That “left-brained people are logical and “right-brained” people are creative. […]

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Food Science and Nutrition Myths: Is Natural Food Better for Us?

December 1, 2017

Often, the assurance that these things are true—that our food is safe, etcetera—is covered by calling something “natural,” as if being all natural automatically comes will these virtues. But, is that true and what does it really mean to be natural? And, should we avoid food that is not natural? […]

Health And Fitness

The Many Health Benefits of Walking: The Science of Exercise

December 1, 2017

Perhaps due to its proven simplicity and comparably easy access, walking is the most undervalued exercise format that exists. As a sweeping generalization, a lot of people view it as only being suitable as a route to fitness for the elderly or the very out of shape. How wrong this statement is. […]

Image of vitamins on a spoon over a background of vegetables
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Vitamins—Are They Really “One Size Fits All?”

October 24, 2017

The idea of eating healthy seems to change as often as the seasons. Concerns over fats, sugars, undercooked red meat, carbohydrates, and many others have made news at one time or another. Vitamins have always remained a constant recommendation. But how do vitamins really benefit us, and are they a “one size fits all” dosage? […]

image of pre-teen girl who appears sad or concerned possibly about bedwetting issue
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Bedwetting in Older Kids

September 20, 2017

[A]bout 3% of 12 year olds still wet the bed, at least sometimes…[K]ids don’t wet the bed because they want to wet, and don’t stop wetting the bed because they want to stop. Don’t create a bigger problem by blaming or by implying that kids can solve this problem by trying harder. […]

baby with surprised expression; breath holding in babies and toddlers is often a result of shock or sudden discomfort
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Breathe Easy: Breath-Holding Spells in Toddlers

September 12, 2017

Near the top of a list of super-scary things for parents to see are breath holding spells. Your kiddo, typically a toddler, bonks his head or gets really mad about something. Then he stops breathing, turns white, and collapses on the floor. And looks dead. Really. Dead. It’s quite dramatic. […]

hikers walking on trail
Health And Fitness

Consider Taking The Gym Outdoors

July 5, 2017

Hitting the gym today? Consider going outside instead. Professor Kimberlee Bethany Bonura discusses the health advantages of being outside. […]

Photo of a city street with heavy motion blur

Motion Perception—How We Perceive Motion In Our World

April 25, 2017

Have you ever wondered how your visual system parses and interprets complex motion information. Let’s start by considering 3 different situations that produce 3 different inputs on the retina; that is, onto the back of the eye. […]

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