Chairman Mao Zedong giving a speech on the Tiananmen square in 1949

The Death of Mao and the End of Jiang Qing and the Gang of Four

October 19, 2021

Once the chairman’s flame was extinguished, Jiang Qing’s reflected glow quickly dimmed. Widely reviled for her role in spreading terror and anarchy during the Cultural Revolution, Jiang Qing soon found herself politically isolated, without powerful patrons or protectors. […]

A photo of Lin Biao in military clothes

The Death of Lin Biao: Murder or Accident?

October 18, 2021

Officially, there was a plot to
assassinate Mao on the night of September 12. But before Lin Biao and the plotters could set their plan in motion, Lin’s daughter inadvertently revealed the plot’s existence to an associate of Premier Zhou Enlai, whereupon Zhou ordered the immediate arrest of the conspirators, including Lin Biao, his wife, and his son. […]

“Chairman Mao is the Red Sun in Our Hearts.” A propaganda poster of People's Republic of China, 1968.

Mao’s Road to War against Russia

October 17, 2021

The Sino-Soviet relationship was already strained, but after Mao’s cultural revolution and later events, it reached an all-time low, and an all-out conflict became a realistic possibility. […]

An image of the Plague bacteria Yersinia pestis.

The Black Death: A Tale of Caution

October 15, 2021

The Black Death changed the medieval world. It decimated populations of skilled workers, became an epidemic hard to get rid of, and threatened the socio-economic structure of the society. […]

an image of HIV/AIDS virus being destroyed.

Lessons Learned from the Black Death

October 15, 2021

Black death has remained a benchmark when it comes death caused by an epidemic and mortality rate. Yet, modern epidemics have more teeth owing to modern travel. […]

Sketch of an Indian Chief on a horse.
American History

How Native Americans Continue to Struggle for Sovereignty

October 12, 2021

Self-governance, jurisdiction, and resource development are areas of contemporary struggle, testing the limits of individual rights and tribal sovereignty. From survival, the Natives have moved on and inaugurated an era of recovery and revitalization. […]

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