Iron mold of soldiers at Korean War Memorial.

China and the Korean War

June 20, 2021

Chinese troops suffered more than one million casualties in the Korean War. However, Mao greatly elevated his and China’s stature both within the socialist camp and in the Third World. […]

Image of Chinese National Emblem.

China: The Land Reform Movement

June 20, 2021

The new land reform campaign was introduced across China to put an end to the traditional rural power structure dominated by the landlord-gentry class and to stimulate the rapid recovery of agricultural production. […]

Entrance to the palace museum in Beijing.

Mao Zedong and ‘People’s Democratic Dictatorship’

June 19, 2021

Mao Zedong adopted a dualistic policy to deal with various class enemies. While he granted full rights of citizenship and participation to all members of the laboring classes. Those labeled “enemies of the people” were deprived of all political rights and subjected to ruthless dictatorship. […]

Image of Mao Zedong

China: The Rise of the People’s Republic

June 19, 2021

After China’s Civil War, Mao Zedong proclaimed the birth of the People’s Republic. The Chinese economy was in shambles due to decades of revolution, foreign invasion, and civil war. To rebuild China’s shattered economy, Mao looked for help from Comrade Stalin and not the imperialist camp headed by the United States. […]

A symbol of Christ, a cross on a hill
Medieval History

The Black Death and the Flagellant Movement

June 18, 2021

Before the Black Death, a group known as the flagellants believed in punishing themselves for the sins of humanity. The Black Death ignited this movement into a roaring fire across Europe. […]

A man and a woman holding hands with a wreath in the foreground.
American History

The Private Life of James Madison

June 12, 2021

James Madison had a prolific political career. Some critics feel, that, the fact that he was unencumbered by a large family helped in maintaining his focus and contributed toward his productivity. […]

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