Defendants in the Beer Hall Putsch trial. From left to right: Heinz Pernet, Friedrich Weber, Wilhelm Frick, Hermann Kriebel, Erich Ludendorff, Hitler, Wilhelm Brückner, Ernst Röhm, and Robert Wagner.
European History

Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP

February 27, 2021

There was a relative recovery of the German economy from 1924 to 1928. This was also the time when Hitler re-established the NSDAP and attempted to create a network of propaganda cells all over Germany. […]

Silhouette of a mysterious man in a vintage style wide brimmed hat in a close up head and shoulders portrait

Germany’s Stasi Culture and Its Relevance Today

February 25, 2021

Think of the psychological effects a pervasive system such as the Stasi state must have had on the population. It speaks to the paranoia that builds up once you start to think that some enormous, invisible, sinister organization is out to get you. […]

Young male spy agent wearing a hat, coat, and a tie, holding rangefinder Leica film camera.

Germany’s Surveillance System in the Nazi Era

February 24, 2021

Prior to the Cold War standoff between Eastern and Western Europe, there was, of course, significant state surveillance in Germany during the Nazi regime leading up to—and throughout—World War II. […]

A version of the American flag associated with the American Revolution Battle of Bennington.
American History

The Financial Woes of the Confederation Congress

February 23, 2021

The Congress and the states found themselves ill-equipped to deal with the financial problems that arose with the Revolutionary War. The decisions the states made about the financial problems almost make the paralysis of the Confederation Congress look appealing. […]

Image of the human skull on an old book with dark background.
European History

Was the Black Death Really a Bubonic Plague?

February 22, 2021

There are legitimate reasons to be doubtful of the claim that the Black Death was caused by the bacterium Yersinia Pestis. The means of transmission and an unsuitable climate raise serious doubts regarding this theory. […]

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