A bronze statue of John Marshall.
American History

John Marshall’s Career Trajectory

November 25, 2021

John Marshall enlisted in the army in 1777. He became a lieutenant and had to endure hardships while in winter encampment at Valley Forge. […]

A portrait of Aaron Burr
American History

Aaron Burr: A Man of Ill-repute

November 24, 2021

Aaron Burr had a strong desire to dominate. He had a different mindset than his father. His thirst and eagerness to become president caused him to gradually be driven over the line. […]

Old canon with wheels.
American History

The Expansion and Strengthening of the American Army

November 22, 2021

In 1787, what Congress raised and supported was not much better than the Confederation’s version of an army and navy. Only after 1790, when Indians attacked the army regiments, did Congress vote to strengthen the forces. […]

Image shows hands of one person passing the cross to another person.
American History

Timothy Dwight: Secular Means to Sacred Ends

November 21, 2021

Dwight followed an appeasing approach with the students, focusing on academics than on any social hierarchy. He understood that in a republic like America, wooing, not commanding, was the order of the day. […]

A barrel of whiskey with a bottle and glass kept in front of it.
American History

Whiskey Rebellion: Conclusion and Impacts

November 21, 2021

Whiskey Rebels’ connection to Democratic-Republican Society made Washington call militia. However, Findley promised Washington that laws would be obeyed in future, bringing an end to both the Whiskey Rebellion and the Democratic-Republican Societies. […]

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