Powhatan, Louisiana, on a map.
American History

The Natives of Werowocomoco and the Legend of Pocahontas

February 28, 2021

John Smith and a small group of English settlers came to establish Jamestown in 1607. And the leader of the region, Powhatan, established a system of gift exchange in which he provided the English with corn in return for trade goods such as copper and metal tools. But these gifts actually served as emblems of a deeper relationship predicated on expectations of reciprocity and mutuality. […]

A version of the American flag associated with the American Revolution Battle of Bennington.
American History

The Financial Woes of the Confederation Congress

February 23, 2021

The Congress and the states found themselves ill-equipped to deal with the financial problems that arose with the Revolutionary War. The decisions the states made about the financial problems almost make the paralysis of the Confederation Congress look appealing. […]

A portrait of Hernando De Soto.
American History

Hernando de Soto’s Invasion of Native Lands in the Southeast

February 20, 2021

Rather than honoring Indigenous expectations of kinship, alliance, and reciprocity, Hernando de Soto and his men killed, enslaved, raped, and stole. Thousands of Native peoples of the Southeast died at the end of Spanish blades, in the jaws of wolfhounds, and from the wasting effects of starvation and disease. […]

A collage by Joseph Sohm, which has Columbus, a ship, and an American flag in it.
American History

Native Land in the 1600s and the Spanish Invasion

February 20, 2021

The Spanish, who had already devastated the Taíno in the Caribbean, the Mexica in Mesoamerica, and the Inca in Peru, invaded the southeastern world during the fourth decade of the 16th century. […]

A woman's hand holding a balancing scale with historical US documents in the background.d
American History

The US Bill of Rights: The First Amendment

February 19, 2021

A civil liberty is a specific individual right that is protected under the US Constitution from government infringement. Read about the freedom guaranteed under the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. […]

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