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Ancient History

Was Senenmut Queen Hatshepsut’s Secret Lover?

October 15, 2020

There were rumors that even though Hatshepsut never remarried, she had a man in her life: Senenmut. He was a prosperous man who also worked as a tutor for the royal family, and ended up with two tombs, like Hatshepsut herself. […]

Head of a sphinx with the face of Queen Hatshepsut.
Ancient History

The Reign of Queen Hatshepsut

October 15, 2020

Egypt had novel achievements during the reign of Queen Hatshepsut, a great king. Among all the other things, she built the first zoo in Egypt! During her reign, the animals were imported from the “god’s land,” from where not many people had come back alive. […]

Picture shows a pharaoh's statue.
Ancient History

Queen Hatshepsut and Her Mortuary Temple

October 14, 2020

Hatshepsut gained power as a widowed queen, but later she appointed herself as the king of Egypt. As the first female king, she built herself one of the most beautiful and remarkable temples, but there is more to the temple that makes it so important today. […]

Photograph by Everett Collection, shows the ruins of The Parthenon, Athens, Greece. Thousands of Greek refugees were sheltered in Athens too.
Ancient History

Asylum Seekers in Ancient Greece: Requirements and Amnesty

October 12, 2020

While many countries were flooded with refugees, some people were forcibly evicted from their homeland, leading them to seek asylum in foreign lands. Read to learn about the types of asylum seekers and the process of asylum seeking. […]

A concept picture of Greece by meirion matthias, shows a close-up of a war helmet. Peloponnesian war sparked refugee crisis in ancient Greece but this huge issue was mostly ignored by the historians.
Ancient History

Understanding the Plight of Greek Refugees

October 11, 2020

Greek refugees had gone through a lot of suffering, including leaving behind their homes and sometimes their families. In spite of visible struggles, their plight was ignored and not recorded in history. […]

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