Satellite image of the Nile delta with the water bodies in the shape of a conical funnel, and the landmass on either side.
Ancient History

The Beginning of the Second Intermediate Period

September 10, 2020

By the time Dynasty XIII came into power, ancient Egypt was once again in decline. What was the reason that the stability of the Middle Kingdom period slipped away and the Second Intermediate Period began? […]

An illustration of old Egyptian papyrus scroll.
Ancient History

The Advice of Amenemhet I

September 1, 2020

The ‘Advice of Amenemhet I ‘ is assumed to be written by Amenemhet I for his son, but a closer inspection of the papyrus points toward it being written by his son, Sesostris I, himself. […]

Serekh or Horus name of Amenemhat I engraved on a limestone wall-block.
Ancient History

Germination of Effective Propaganda: The Egyptian Dynasty XII

September 1, 2020

Amenemhet I, the first king of Egypt’s Dynasty XII was the vizier of the previous pharaoh. Yet he successfully created a legend around himself. How? By getting a papyrus, or newspaper, written about himself. And thus began an era of propaganda. […]

A restored part of the Heqanakht Letters or Heqanakht papyri, framed and put up for display.
Ancient History

The Middle Kingdom of Egypt: The Discoveries of Herbert Winlock

August 11, 2020

Sometimes a single excavator is responsible for the lion’s share of what we know about a particular period in history. This is the case with Herbert Winlock and the Middle Kingdom of Egypt. So, what were some of his major discoveries from this period? […]

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