Bronze statue of Constantine I in York, England.

The Rise of Constantine, the First Christian Emperor

September 19, 2020

For three centuries, after its birth, Christianity was spreading very slowly. The conversion of Emperor Constantine was one of the most influential factors that helped Christianity become the official religion of the Roman Empire. The motivations behind his conversion are as remarkable as his path to becoming an emperor of the Roman Empire. […]

The Bible is the sacred book in Christianity.

The Main Causes Contributing to the Spread of Christianity

September 19, 2020

Although early Christianity had not succeeded in attracting many converts, it gradually began to spread among people. It was particularly appealing to certain segments of the social hierarchy because of the features and promises it made. […]

Greek statue of a woman.
Ancient History

The Greek Society: What it Meant To Be a Woman

September 14, 2020

There was a very negative view about Greek women as the men of that society thought them as the root cause of every evil. What was the actual status of Greek women in its society as compared to their male-counterparts? […]

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