A German World War One military helmet.
European History

Germany During the First World War

February 11, 2021

At the start of the First World War, the Germans thought it will be over soon. While many troops perished on the battlefield, the social conflicts at home ripped apart the German society. […]

A collage by Joseph Sohm, which has Columbus, a ship, and an American flag in it.
American History

The Old World-New World Debate and the Columbian Exchange

January 31, 2021

The Old World/New World binary is the stepping off point for America’s master narrative, and through it all, it’s the Old World that transforms the new one. However, Native people are the ones being defeated in this narrative. They are the ones in retreat. They are being changed forever. […]

European History

The Pan-Celtic Movement and the Celtic World

December 31, 2020

Present day inhabitants of Celtic regions have made a conscious effort to connect with their ancestors. These Celtic regions are united by a common linguistic heritage, a distinct culture coupled with their love for great art, literature and music. […]

Tipical postcard. Majestic Neuschwanstein castle during sunset, with colorful clouds under sunlight. Dramatik Picturesque scene. fairytale Castle near Munich in Bavaria, Germany.
European History

Frederick II’s Crusade to Recapture Jerusalem

December 13, 2020

Frederick II Hohenstaufen had vowed to the papacy to go on a crusade to Jerusalem, but he kept putting it off. Finally, he went on a crusade, which was not typical in nature and had numerous consequences for him. […]

The picture shows a beautiful diamond crown on old book.
European History

The High Middle Ages: The Reign of Frederick II Hohenstaufen

December 13, 2020

During the High Middle Ages, the Holy Roman Empire faced many difficulties due to the problems created by the Investiture Controversy. The compromise known as the Concordat of Worms could not solve all the problems. Frederick II Hohenstaufen became Holy Roman Emperor under challenging conditions caused by these issues. […]

Gravestone cross in Ireland with a celtic knot design
European History

Literary and Artistic Aspects of the Celtic Revival

December 6, 2020

The ancient literary tradition of Ireland was a significant area on which the Celtic revival movements focused. The foundation of the Irish Literary Theatre had a great influence in bringing back the ancient Irish literature in the form of plays. Arts also experienced widespread renewed attention. […]

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