German warplanes flying over Poland.
European History

‘Blitzkrieg’: The End of Diplomacy

June 26, 2021

The city of Warsaw had been pounded from the air. Hitler’s blitzkrieg had set a new tone. It had sent a signal that this was to be a different sort of war than the First World War. […]

A snow-covered cemetery
European History

Effects of Black Death in Russia

May 22, 2021

When the Black Death arrived in Russia, it took its toll just like everywhere else it had visited, but Russia was actually exposed to the plague twice. While the first onset of the Black Plague gave Russia a much-needed respite from the Mongol rule, the second wave crippled it. […]

Image showing mist in the fjords.
European History

The Scandinavian Myths about the Black Death

May 20, 2021

There are several folklore and myths that are related to the plague that ravaged Scandinavia in the 1300s. However, these myths and legends varied from one country to another. In Norway and Sweden, the Black Death is described as a person or people, while in Denmark, it was described as the mist. […]

Image showing a painting of a medieval port.
European History

How did the Trade Routes Spread the Plague in Scandinavia?

May 19, 2021

The main source of the plague in Scandinavia were the trade routes. Scandinavian countries depended largely on trade for their survival. Finally, in 1349, a ship carrying wool to Norway from London was responsible for bringing the plague to Scandinavia. […]

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