Drawing of a plague doctor in his special mask and clothes.
Medieval History

The Black Death in Nuremberg

September 18, 2021

Nuremberg is an excellent example of a city that avoided the worst of the plague because of high hygiene standards. With its low death rate of just 10 percent, Nuremberg was unique. […]

Symbols of death and skulls on a tombstone.
Medieval History

How Poland and Milan Escaped from the Black Death

September 18, 2021

The impact of the Black Death on Poland and Milan was lesser than that on many other nations, which were severely affected. This was due to factors like their geographical location and governing powers. […]

Image of medieval gold coins and an old medieval pouch on a table.
European History

The Great Mortality and the New Economy

September 8, 2021

After the plague, everyone who survived was pretty much better off than they had been before. A new pattern emerged in the economy that unsettled a few individuals. […]

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