The photo shows the feet of an Irish dancer.

The Forms and Revival of Scottish and Irish Dance

December 14, 2020

Although, we don’t have much knowledge about the origins of dancing in Scotland and Ireland, but the dances from these countries have become quite popular in the world. Today, many groups blend the traditional forms with modern forms of dancing. […]

Pipers playing in a group.

The Magical Power of Celtic Music

December 13, 2020

In the present times, Celtic music is very popular throughout the world. Therefore, it is a little difficult to accept that it was once banned by the English settlers who thought that its magical powers would corrupt the English people. […]

Close up of Scotland under a magnifying glass on a map
British History

The Revival of Scottish Celtic Identity

November 29, 2020

The Celtic identity of Scotland had been taken from them by such rules as the Dress Act. The repeal of the Act and some famous literary works led to the revival of Scottish identity and traditions. […]

Coronation of Philip II Augustus of France.
European History

The Reign of Philip II Augustus in France

November 13, 2020

Philip II Augustus’s reign changed the destiny of France in the High Middle Ages. He defeated an allied attack on France, scared away the English, confiscated Normandy and Brittany, and made his name as a great French king. […]

Medieval king with his queen and knights on guard.
European History

Capetian Dynasty and the End of Civil Wars in France

November 13, 2020

Getting the throne was equal to civil wars in France. Every time a king died, the potential kings would fight over the throne until one got it. The Capetians, on the other hand, created a system that minimized the number of civil wars. […]

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