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American History

Checks and Controls on America’s Surveillance System

March 4, 2021

In recent years, as we have seen the notion of trusting our educated platonic guardians no longer suffices. The result was the creation of a system of oversight and audit that we have been in the process of fine tuning ever since the 1970s. […]

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American History

American Surveillance: Abuses and Excesses in Cold War-era

March 4, 2021

Through the means of investigative journalism and official committees, we now know a lot about surveillance in America, in particular, the abusive side of it. In part shocking, these examples also probably give us an insight into the reason for having such widespread surveillance system in the first place. […]

Defendants in the Beer Hall Putsch trial. From left to right: Heinz Pernet, Friedrich Weber, Wilhelm Frick, Hermann Kriebel, Erich Ludendorff, Hitler, Wilhelm Brückner, Ernst Röhm, and Robert Wagner.
European History

Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP

February 27, 2021

There was a relative recovery of the German economy from 1924 to 1928. This was also the time when Hitler re-established the NSDAP and attempted to create a network of propaganda cells all over Germany. […]

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Germany’s Stasi Culture and Its Relevance Today

February 25, 2021

Think of the psychological effects a pervasive system such as the Stasi state must have had on the population. It speaks to the paranoia that builds up once you start to think that some enormous, invisible, sinister organization is out to get you. […]

Young male spy agent wearing a hat, coat, and a tie, holding rangefinder Leica film camera.

Germany’s Surveillance System in the Nazi Era

February 24, 2021

Prior to the Cold War standoff between Eastern and Western Europe, there was, of course, significant state surveillance in Germany during the Nazi regime leading up to—and throughout—World War II. […]

An old German stamp with Hitler's head postmarked.
European History

Adolf Hitler: The Beginning of a Political Career

February 20, 2021

It didn’t take long for Adolf Hitler to carve a niche for himself in the world of German politics after the Great War. His incredible oratorical skills further helped him to create a mass political movement. […]

Photos of Hitler
European History

The Early Life of Adolf Hitler

February 19, 2021

Hitler was like any other young German man fighting for his nation’s pride in the Great War. There was nothing in his background to lead one to suspect that this was a man with special talents. Things changed for him and the world when he joined the DAP. […]

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