British History

British India: An Era of Economic Uncertainty

February 8, 2017

How did one of the most vibrant commercial centers in the global economy drift toward colonialism, and how did this set the stage for an eventual conquest of India, by both regional Indian and foreign powers? […]

professor Hayden Bellenoit

A History of British India: The Torch Podcast

February 6, 2017

On this episode of The Torch, host Ed Leon and professor Hayden Bellenoit discuss the complicated and tumultuous British rule of India. Listen in as they examine the global saga of colonialism and imperialism, including the clashing interests of commerce, culture, and sovereignty that it created. […]

British History

The Great Fire of London

January 24, 2017

The summer of 1666 was hot and dry. Most people were grateful because they thought that the heat would kill off the plague. Instead, it […]

Statue of Thomas Jefferson in the Jefferson Memorial
American History

The Inauguration of Thomas Jefferson

January 20, 2017

There was no question in Thomas Jefferson’s mind but that his inauguration as the third President of the United States meant a completely new start for […]

American History

Martin Luther King, Jr.— American Prophet

January 16, 2017

Martin Luther King, Jr’s, success stemmed from formidable oratory skills sharpened at the pulpit coupled with an intellectual and theological prowess that guided his actions to a stunning […]

American History

Remember the Alamo

January 8, 2017

As Americans swarmed into the territories of the Louisiana Purchase, they triggered a major conflict with Mexico over American immigration into its northern province: Texas. […]

British History

The Murder of Archbishop Becket

January 7, 2017

On December 29 in the year 1170, Thomas Becket, the former Archbishop of Canterbury under King Henry II, was murdered by four knights in a […]

Historical photo of Al Capone
American History

Al Capone: Lord of The Chicago Underworld

January 4, 2017

Throughout American history, the names of certain criminals have taken on romantic associations. Al Capone is a case in point. Capone, who was born in 1899 and lived until 1947, became the leading organized crime figure in Chicago during the 1920s, when the unpopular Prohibition Amendment to the Constitution tempted thousands of citizens to cooperate with criminals to procure alcohol. […]

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