Celtic cross

Who Are the Celts? Unpacking a Tricky Identity

July 18, 2019

In yesterday’s textbooks, the story of the Celtic people was fairly straightforward. But in recent years, scholars have uncovered new information that makes it complicated to define the Celtic identity, and, therefore, the Celtic history. […]

Buzz Aldrin walks on the surface of the moon
American History

Geopolitics in the Space Age—50 Years after the Apollo 11 Mission

July 15, 2019

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1969 lunar landing by examining these questions: First, what significance did the Moon landing have in 1969? What does it have now? And the most difficult, speculative, and thought-expanding question of all, what will it mean in the future, say a century from now, in 2119? […]

Re-enactment of the First Landing of British in the, "New World."
American History

The English Adventures in North America

April 29, 2019

Of all the European nations facing the Atlantic Ocean, none would ordinarily have seemed to have greater advantages for entering the race for North American exploration than England. Explore the early English settlements in North America and meet the entrepreneurs who found their footing in a new world. […]

American History

The Dutch in America

April 29, 2019

After the Netherlands achieved independence from Spain, Dutch merchants set sail for America. Discover what made the Dutch colony so successful. […]

Coronation of Charlemagne in Vatican Museum, Rome, Italy. The Renaissance painting in one of the Raphael's rooms. Charlemagne in the fresco of the 16th century.
American History

The Great Spanish Conquistadors

April 29, 2019

In the decades after Columbus discovered America, a number of explorers began looting the continent, bringing with them violence and disease. Explore this age of the Spanish conquistadors. […]

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