Execution of James P. Casey and Charles Cora by the Vigilance Committee, of San Francisco, California.
American History

Vigilante Justice in the American Wild West

December 1, 2017

The sudden rush to California in 1849 was something new. Population rose there much faster than the local authorities’ ability to deal with the problems the gold-seekers, nearly all men, brought with them. These were the perfect conditions for vigilante justice to arise. […]

Image of Mosaic Floor found at Villa Torre de Palma
Ancient History

Discovering an Ancient Roman Villa: Torre de Palma

December 1, 2017

Torre de Palma, the “Tower of the Palm,” is a Roman latifundia, or villa, way out in the westernmost province of the mainland of the Roman Empire, in modern-day Portugal. It was discovered in 1947 in a special way that is emblematic of certain kinds of discoveries. […]

Earth (Image: Triff/Shutterstock)
Ancient History

The Eight Fundamental Thresholds of Big History

December 1, 2017

David Christian structures his groundbreaking Big History course around eight fundamental thresholds. Each of them is associated with new forms of complexity, and each of which has new emergent properties. Here we will take a high-level look at the eight fundamental thresholds of Big History and the material covered within each. […]

Image of Napoleon Bonaparte during the french revolution
European History

Napoleon and the French Revolution

October 12, 2017

When the French Revolution came, Napoleon was ready. He got as much military leave time as he could get, and he plunged into revolutionary politics in Corsica. The story of Napoleon and the French Revolution defines the man who would rise to power as one of the most influential leaders of the 19th century. […]

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