Hieroglyphic carvings on the exterior walls of an Egyptian temple.
Ancient History

Investigate Art History in Ancient Egypt

October 9, 2019

Like any good civilization, Egyptian art tells us a great deal about the people who made it. Investigate the “art historical” approach to ancient Egyptian history. […]

Archaeological site near the temple of Hatshepsut in Deir el-Bahri.
Ancient History

Reconstructing Egyptian History with Archaeology Excavation Techniques

October 7, 2019

Although no written records exist of Egyptian prehistory, historians can use several archaeology excavation techniques to construct a reasonable timeline, as well as to discover what life was like for Egypt’s earliest inhabitants. These methods include studying pottery remains, as well as carbon dating, and stratigraphy. […]

ancient Egyptian wall relief with people figures bringing tools
Ancient History

Ancient Egyptian Tools: Building Civilizations

October 6, 2019

From 700,000 B.C. to roughly 70,000 B.C., the only tool used by Egypt’s inhabitants was the hand ax. However, ancient Egyptian tools began to grow increasingly varied and more sophisticated with the arrival of the Neanderthals, followed by Homo sapiens. With new tools, came new possibilities, allowing humans to transition from nomadic lifestyles into settlements. […]

v=Nabta Playa Calendar Circle, reconstructed at Aswan Nubia museum
Ancient History

Prehistoric Egypt: Deciphering Egypt’s Timeline

October 5, 2019

Prehistoric Egypt refers to that mysterious stretch of time before Egypt had writing. In order to uncover the chronology of that period in Egyptian civilization, historians had to rely on other sources as alternatives to written records. The Bible was a primary means of calculating human history until Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theory. Learn about the three main categories of prehistory, and what Egypt’s first inhabitants were like. […]

Sepoy soldiers in British India

The Sepoy Rebellion and the Threat to British India

February 25, 2019

The Sepoy Rebellion—the uprising of thousands of Indian soldiers—was the single greatest threat to British India since the Battle of Plassey in 1757. But this uprising was much more than a simple military mutiny or nationalist uprising. […]

Rare color photo of the trial at Nuremberg, depicting the defendants, guarded by American Military Police

The Aftermath of WWII—What Were the Nuremberg Trials?

February 25, 2019

In November 1945, the historic Nuremberg Trials began. They constituted a landmark exercise of a post-war legal system. As hate groups resurface in America today, what can we learn from court proceedings against Nazi war criminals? […]

Photo of a McDonald's sign written in hebrew

The Story of Hebrew

June 5, 2018

Professor Michael Carasik discusses how Hebrew has survived the ages as both a language, and an intrinsic part of Jewish culture. […]

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