Hobby and Lifestyle

The Sport of Birding: Why Do Birds of a Feather Flock Together?

Learn core elements of birding and methods for observing birds in the field. Open the door to an endlessly rewarding pursuit, and a lifetime of enjoyment. Begin by discovering six categories of bird behavior, that provide vital information for identification and learn how individual species are distinguished by typical or unique behavioral traits. […]

Health & Fitness

The Many Health Benefits of Walking: The Science of Exercise

Perhaps due to its proven simplicity and comparably easy access, walking is the most undervalued exercise format that exists. As a sweeping generalization, a lot of people view it as only being suitable as a route to fitness for the elderly or the very out of shape. How wrong this statement is. […]

Proteins and Healthy Fats

Plant Proteins—A Delicious Way to Eat Healthy

Sources of plant proteins provide a broad range of health benefits and the possibilities to cook with them are almost endless because they are found in such a wide variety of foods. Discover the nutritional perks of plant proteins. […]

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