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IN THE NEWS: Is the Electoral College Doomed?

IN THE NEWS: Is the Electoral College Doomed? Let’s hope not. Professor Allen Guelzo discusses the future of the Electoral College. Every four years we elect a president. And every four years someone emits a squeak of protest that the method we use for electing presidents under the Constitution—the Electoral College—is unfair, undemocratic, antiquated, or unpopular and should therefore be eliminated. Most of the time, this is no more than a squeak, since in all but five presidential elections, the Electoral College has ratified the choice of the nation’s voters. When it doesn’t, the squeak is heard a little more loudly, but usually subsides after Inauguration Day. Read more on The Great Courses Daily! […]

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To Find the Truth About Climate Change, Follow the Money

In a recent article in The Washington Post, author Michele Lerner reports that by the year 2100, nearly 2 million homes in the U.S. could be susseptible to flooding due to climate change. We asked Professor Michael Wysession to weigh in on the matter. […]

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IN THE NEWS: Shifting U.S. Birth Patterns

IN THE NEWS: Science allows modern mothers to schedule their babies births, now bringing more into the world during the hours of 8a-6p. Read more about the shifting U.S. birth patterns with Professor Barbara J. King. […]

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