A photograph of the year 1984 with thread that looks like prison bars in front of it.
British Literature

“Nineteen Eighty-Four” and the Genre of Dystopia

June 10, 2021

In “Nineteen Eighty-Four”, there is a commitment to showing the potential of a totalitarian government to deliberately challenge the notion of the real. Maybe that’s why the book remains completely relevant even today. […]

A silhouette of a girl's head with an image of a puppet super imposed on her.
British Literature

Dystopia and the Mechanisms of Totalitarian Rule

May 26, 2021

In a dystopia, the citizens can grasp the mechanics of the society they live in, but not its underlying motives. They can understand the ‘how’ but not the ‘why’. Orwell, Arendt, and Zamyatin all try to find the answer to this ‘why’ by looking at the society through the lens of totalitarianism. […]

Abstract science fiction futuristic background.
British Literature

H.G. Wells: Using Utopia in Science Fiction

April 19, 2021

In “The Time Machine”, the Time Traveler witnesses an intriguing future with his wonderful machine. It’s that tale that makes up most of the narrative, and that provides, in a sense, a utopia within a science fiction frame. […]

The illustration shows parts of a machine inside a man's head.
British Literature

The Man and the Machine in “Erewhon”

March 6, 2021

“Erewhon” has a certain timeless quality because it includes “Book of the Machines”, which speaks to the anxieties of 21st-century readers just as much, maybe even more, than it speaks to Victorian anxieties. […]

Letters combining to make utopia.
British Literature

Social Norms of the Erewhonians

March 6, 2021

Through his focus on religion, education, and health, Samuel Butler presents perplexing features of the Erewhonian society. […]

A portrait of Samuel Butler.
British Literature

The Utopian World of “Erewhon”

March 6, 2021

Samuel Butler’s “Erewhon” is set on a large, lush tract of land located beyond a mountain pass, in a space unmapped but completely mappable. […]

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