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The Main Characters in Henry IV, Part 1

May 12, 2020

Henry IV is one of Shakespeare’s historical plays. Some of the main characters in Henry IV were real people, and some are added to the play to help display the picture that Shakespeare as a playwright desires. […]

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Character Contrast in Shakespeare’s Henry IV

May 12, 2020

Shakespeare uses character contrast in Henry IV to convey the main theme of the play. He uses all the main characters to show the complexity of decisions, the sternness of kingship, and the importance of playing roles in politics. […]

Shakespeare used outside sources to include in his history plays
British Literature

Richard II: Secrets to a Great History Play

April 30, 2020

Shakespeare’s view of history was filled with distrust, irony, suspicion of power but what were the different tools which helped to understand those different views in his history plays? […]

In a Hamlet pose, a bearded crazy old man looks into a skull's eye
British Literature

Hamlet: A Mirror for Shakespeare’s Creative Process

October 17, 2019

Shakespeare’s plays may seem impenetrable to many, but identifying common motifs can make them more accessible. These include the play-within-a-play, naturalistic language, and dialogue that reflects on the art of acting itself. All of this can be seen in Hamlet, making it the perfect play to analyze. […]

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