Ancient Literature

How Odysseus Fooled a Cyclops

Odysseus’s adventures with the Cyclops Polyphemus reveal much about the character of Odysseus and the complexities facing a hero leaving the Trojan War for home. […]


Gustave Flaubert

Born in Rouen, in the French province of Normandy, Gustave Flaubert was the second surviving son of a distinguished and wealthy doctor, the chief of […]

British Literature

Hamlet and the Problem of Inaction

Hamlet is a young man whose father has been murdered, who has difficulty finding an appropriate response. And he’s been criticized severely by many critics, and […]

Ancient Literature

Dante’s Paradise: The Sphere of Wisdom

On their journey through Paradise, Dante and Beatrice visit the fourth sphere—the so-called sphere of the Sun—and meet the wisest persons to ever live. But rather than […]

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