British Literature

Henry V: Setting up, Reversal, and Defeat of Expectations

August 26, 2020

Prince Hal’s important makeover is reflected throughout Henry V, where expectations are set with the old irresponsible Prince Hal in mind. The prince makes the transition through his decisions and choice of friends and banishes Falstaff, his trusted lieutenant. […]

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The Transformation of Prince Hal into King Henry V

June 5, 2020

Shakespeare shows a king’s required training in the life of King Henry V. Henry V leaves all his childish traits and the fun in his life to become a worthy king. Shakespeare sacrifices Falstaff to depict Hal’s decisions. […]

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Understanding the Themes in Henry IV through Play Comparison

June 4, 2020

Henry IV, part II is more difficult to follow and comprehend, compared to part I. To comprehend part II, one must compare it to the first part. Henry IV themes slowly alter in the second part, but this change is not easy to detect without comparing it to the part I. […]

Crowned Kings & Queens of Tudor England - Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I, Elizabeth I

Hal in Henry IV: How Kings Are Made

May 13, 2020

Shakespeare’s Hal in Henry IV is a leading character who shows the struggles and sacrifices in the way to kingship. He voluntarily leaves fun behind and decides to rule as a brave king. Shakespeare killed some important characters to embody these sacrifices. […]

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The Main Characters in Henry IV, Part 1

May 12, 2020

Henry IV is one of Shakespeare’s historical plays. Some of the main characters in Henry IV were real people, and some are added to the play to help display the picture that Shakespeare as a playwright desires. […]

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Character Contrast in Shakespeare’s Henry IV

May 12, 2020

Shakespeare uses character contrast in Henry IV to convey the main theme of the play. He uses all the main characters to show the complexity of decisions, the sternness of kingship, and the importance of playing roles in politics. […]

Shakespeare used outside sources to include in his history plays
British Literature

Richard II: Secrets to a Great History Play

April 30, 2020

Shakespeare’s view of history was filled with distrust, irony, suspicion of power but what were the different tools which helped to understand those different views in his history plays? […]

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