Businesswoman overhearing coworkers gossip about her.
Health News

Study Shows We Gossip 52 Minutes Per Day, but Majority Is Innocent

May 26, 2019

Recent studies estimate that we gossip 52 minutes per day, but the majority of it is the sharing of neutral social information, not toxic or judgmental commentary, according to NPR. Just 15 percent of the time spent gossiping involves a negative judgment from the speaker. Many subtle patterns of behavior during childhood with peer groups shape our behavior as adults. […]

50 Australian currency bills stacked on top of one another

Australia’s Central Bank Issues Millions of Bills with Typos

May 25, 2019

Australia has accidentally released millions of A$50 notes with a misspelled word, as reported by Reuters. Ironically, the word “responsibility” is the culprit, missing its final “i” and appearing as “responsibilty” three times on each bill. However, making mistakes is ingrained into human nature. […]

Close-up of high school students' hands writing on notebooks

College Board to Assign “Adversity Score” to Students’ SATs

May 22, 2019

Students’ SATs will soon be bundled with an “Adversity Score,” “The Wall Street Journal” reported. The number, known only to college admissions officers, will indicate each student’s economic and social background. This change is due to the many factors affecting education success in and out of school. […]

A closeup image of Alabama on a map of the US

Alabama Passes Strict Legislation, Raising Privacy Concerns

May 21, 2019

Alabama has signed the nation’s strictest anti-abortion bill into law, “The Guardian” reported. The Alabama Human Life Protection Act makes no exceptions for instances of rape or incest, making it the strictest abortion law in the nation. Some say the Constitutional right to privacy makes the law unenforceable. […]

Daenerys Targaryen played by Emilia Clarke in HBO's Game of Thrones

As “Game of Thrones” Ends, a Look Back on Its Troubled Start

May 20, 2019

HBO aired the series finale of its epic fantasy drama “Game of Thrones” on May 19. The series was known for its engaging storylines, dynamic characters, production value, and graphic content. Surprisingly, the show almost didn’t get made due to a troublesome first draft of its pilot script. […]

illustration of carbon dioxide molecule
Lifestyle News

Evidence Suggests Indoor Air May Affect Ability to Think Clearly

May 19, 2019

Sitting in small, enclosed rooms while low levels of carbon dioxide accumulate could actually be detrimental to the health of your brain, “The New York Times” reported. Both the increased heat build up and the chemical composition of the air we inhale may affect our decision-making and critical-thinking skills. […]

X-ray Image of an airpod headphone inside a mans intestines
Health News

AirPod Still Functional after Passing through Man’s Digestive System

May 18, 2019

A Taiwanese man who swallowed and passed an Apple AirPod headphone says it still works, according to the “Daily Mail.” The wireless earphone is the latest in a long line of electronic devices reported by hospitals to wind up in a patient’s bowels. How did it stay intact through its gastrointestinal ordeal? […]

Image of Mongolian Marmot in field
Health News

Mongolian Couple Die of Plague after Eating Raw Marmot

May 17, 2019

A couple in Western Mongolia have died of bubonic plague after eating raw marmot, “The Guardian” reported. There are people who believe eating the innards of the rodent is good for their health. Although people ignore health warnings not to eat uncooked meat, raw marmot can carry the plague germ Yersinia pestis. Plague is known for causing the Black Death in the 14th century—but was it that simple? […]

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