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Lifestyle News

TGC Professor on a Mission to Capture Species before Extinction

May 27, 2020

Joel Sartore leads Photo Ark, a project to document 15,000 species in captivity, BuzzFeed reported. Many of these species are endangered, so Sartore’s mission is to capture them in photographs before they’re gone forever. Here’s what he says makes great pictures. […]

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Record-Breaking Legal Marijuana Sales in Oregon Surpass $89M

May 26, 2020

April sales of legalized marijuana in Oregon were more than $89 million, NBC affiliate KGW8 reported. Marijuana dispensaries in many states have been deemed “essential” and kept open for business throughout the coronavirus pandemic. How does pot interact with the brain? […]

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Health News

Use It, Don’t Lose It—Preserve Your Memory and Your Imagination

May 25, 2020

Today, our Smartphones can all but guarantee that we never miss an important meeting or fall behind on our payments. However, our over-reliance on technology may be hurting us in the long run, when it comes to memory and cognition. Dr. Restak provides some fun exercises to re-invigorate your brain. […]

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Health News

Your Brain Is Not a Computer–The Many Facets of Human Memory

May 24, 2020

e sometimes refer to memory as “photographic,” and indeed, photos can capture potent memories. Digital cameras make it possible to date stamp each picture. Depending on privacy settings, GPS location settings can get an exact fix on where someone was when the picture was taken. As Dr. Restak explains, though, memory is too important to delegate to our technological tools. […]

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Coronavirus News

Layoffs Lead to Consideration of Cashing in 401(k) Accounts

May 24, 2020

Coronavirus-based layoffs are tempting workers to cash in 401(k)s early, CNN reported.
As people need to find options for paying their bills during stay-at-home measures, restrictions have been eased for early 401(k) withdrawal. However, there’s plenty to consider before doing so. […]

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Health News

Why the Hippocampus May Be the Most Important Region in Your Brain

May 23, 2020

Memory is the natural extension of attention and learning. The act of memory facilitates the formation, activation, and retention of circuits that contribute to the brain’s optimal functioning. Dr. Restak explains how we are the sum total of the memory we retain. Without memory, we wouldn’t know who we are. […]

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