Two people watching a video on laptop, looking concerned
Business News

Graphic Video of Double Murder Remains on YouTube

February 25, 2020

After a killer shot two people during a live news broadcast in 2015, he uploaded his video of the attack to YouTube. “The Washington Post” reported that the graphic video is still viewable. The father of journalist Alison Parker has pleaded for the video to be removed; yet, it and countless violent videos remain on the website. How does content go viral? […]

Mother tending to her son who has a migraine
Health News

Children with Chronic Pain Offer Look at Chronic Vs. Acute Pain

February 24, 2020

Parents of children living with chronic pain are opening up about their kid’s experiences, “The Huffington Post” reported. From debilitating joint pain to constant migraines for months on end, children as young as age 2 suffer from chronic pain and its consequences. So how is chronic pain defined? […]

Newly discovered Constantine the Great coins

Workers Find Constantine-Era Roman Coins by Chance During Dig

February 23, 2020

Construction workers came across 1,300 pounds of Roman coins while working, BuzzNick reported. While digging a ditch, they unearthed 19 ancient Roman pots full of coins from the 3rd or 4th century A.D. Some coins depict an image of Constantine, an unlikely ruler. […]

DNA concept
Health News

Fad of Matching Diet to DNA Ineffective, New Study Shows

February 20, 2020

Interaction between certain diets and individuals’ genotypes is minimal, according to new research. It was previously suggested that diets could be matched to specific DNA patterns. However, certain types of foods do specifically affect our cells. […]

Close up of female driving steering wheel in car with passenger

Woman Forced to Be Getaway Driver on First-Date-Turned-Robbery

February 17, 2020

A man plead guilty last week after taking a first date on a stick-up, CNN reported. The woman who picked him up for a date became an unwitting getaway driver when he nonchalantly asked her to stop by the bank. How do bank robbers pick their targets and tools? […]

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