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Employee Surveillance Rises Alongside Work-from-Home Rates

May 19, 2020

More employers are keeping tabs on their work-from-home employees during the pandemic, NPR reported. Surveillance measures include keystroke-monitoring software and geopositioning software so companies can make sure employees are at home and working. But this comes with a cost. […]

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Chicken Wing Surplus Unexpected Outcome of Coronavirus Pandemic

April 18, 2020

Canceled basketball tournament games have led to a national chicken wing surplus, “The Washington Post” reported. The economy has slowed due to the spread of coronavirus and plummeting wing prices are an unexpected side effect. Rightsizing inventory is crucial for businesses. […]

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Stock Market Roller Coaster Suggests Investment Review

March 19, 2020

The Dow Jones has fallen 10,000 points in the last month, continuing Thursday, Investor’s Business Daily reported. Now firmly in a bear market, several stocks are rallying after major losses. It’s time to go back and learn investing from scratch. […]

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Graphic Video of Double Murder Remains on YouTube

February 25, 2020

After a killer shot two people during a live news broadcast in 2015, he uploaded his video of the attack to YouTube. “The Washington Post” reported that the graphic video is still viewable. The father of journalist Alison Parker has pleaded for the video to be removed; yet, it and countless violent videos remain on the website. How does content go viral? […]

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