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Coronavirus News

Layoffs Lead to Consideration of Cashing in 401(k) Accounts

May 24, 2020

Coronavirus-based layoffs are tempting workers to cash in 401(k)s early, CNN reported.
As people need to find options for paying their bills during stay-at-home measures, restrictions have been eased for early 401(k) withdrawal. However, there’s plenty to consider before doing so. […]

Open sign on restaurant window
Coronavirus News

Restaurant to Reopen with Seated Mannequins to Appear Fuller

May 20, 2020

One restaurant will reopen to 50 percent capacity with mannequins filling other tables, WTOP News reported. This will be done to prevent patrons from feeling like they’re sitting in an empty dining room. Will diners find this comforting or creepy? […]

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Business News

Employee Surveillance Rises Alongside Work-from-Home Rates

May 19, 2020

More employers are keeping tabs on their work-from-home employees during the pandemic, NPR reported. Surveillance measures include keystroke-monitoring software and geopositioning software so companies can make sure employees are at home and working. But this comes with a cost. […]

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Coronavirus News

Vitamin Supplements Unable to Prevent COVID-19, Experts Say

May 13, 2020

Doctors say taking vitamins to prevent or treat COVID-19 is ineffective, “HuffPost” reported. While having a healthy immune system is important, supplements are unable to prevent or treat the coronavirus or the disease it causes, COVID-19. Myths about vitamins run rampant. […]

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Coronavirus News

Conspiracy Theorists, Misinformation Harangue Health Care Workers

May 11, 2020

Doctors are facing COVID-19 conspiracies and protesters. NBC News broke the story about health care workers facing misinformation and harassment online while Cleveland.com reported on in-person protests of an Ohio doctor. The public often spreads health misinformation without reading past the headline. […]

National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian
Coronavirus News

Some Museum Closures Could Be Permanent, Curators Fear

May 7, 2020

Some museums may not survive coronavirus stay-at-home measures, “The New York Times” reported. Often relying on ticket sales and other income earned on-location, many museums fear permanent closure if doors don’t reopen soon. Cultural losses would be devastating. […]

Man lying in bed at night, disturbed
Coronavirus News

Increase in Bad Dreams as Coronavirus Continues

May 6, 2020

COVID-19 lockdowns have taken an unexpected turn: causing bad dreams, AP News reported. Many people have had anxiety dreams as a result of the sudden and seemingly endless shake-up to their daily schedules. What do we know about why we have nightmares? […]

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