U.S. 39th regiment in Seattle, wear masks to prevent influenza
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The 1918 Spanish Flu—The Search for the Virus

March 29, 2020

Between adding to the miseries of the First World War, and contributing to the rise of the Second World War, the 1918 Flu had a big impact on human history. What if it were to return today? Would we be prepared to fight it? […]

a nurse tends to Spanish Flu patients at Walter Reed Hospital in 1918
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The 1918 Spanish Flu—How the Flu Came Back to America

March 28, 2020

Most authorities think that the American flu mutated into a killer during its time in Europe. By late summer, this mutant or hybrid strain was poised and ready to re-enter the United States. Re-entry may have occurred August 12, 1918, from passengers on the Norwegian ship, the “Bergensfjord.” The liner entered New York harbor with 200 people sick; four of them had been buried at sea. All of the passengers who were sick and those who had been exposed went down the gang plank and scattered into the New York City population. […]

soldiers in hospital during the 1918 spanish flu pandemic
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The 1918 Spanish Flu—Why We Were So Vulnerable

March 27, 2020

Epidemic diseases have often changed the course of human history—the death of a world leader, an epidemic before a great battle—but few diseases have accomplished it through sheer brute force. The deadliest epidemic of all times wasn’t smallpox, wasn’t the Black Death—it was the 1918 Flu. In one year, an estimated 50 to 100 million people died out of a global population of 1.8 billion. In America alone, 675,000 people died of the flu. […]

Woman holding her dog's paw
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Dog-to-Human Coronavirus Transmission Unlikely, but Jury Still Out

March 26, 2020

Cross-species infection of the novel coronavirus is uncertain but unlikely, “The Washington Post” reported. Despite one possible recorded case of human-to-dog transmission, concrete evidence of zoonotic infection has not appeared. Zoonosis is the process of disease jumping from an animal to a human. […]

Woman stressed stuck inside the house
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Coronavirus Upends Daily Life, Takes Toll on Mental Health

March 25, 2020

Panic attacks and night terrors are rising as the coronavirus disrupts schedules, “The Huffington Post” reported. People often have difficulty adjusting to temporary changes that have no end date in sight. The nervous system plays a major role in stress response. […]

Paper towels on wood background
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Flushed Paper Towels, Wipes a Concern in NY Amid Toilet Paper Shortage

March 24, 2020

New Yorkers short on toilet paper may begin flushing paper towels and baby wipes, the “Houston Chronicle” reported Thursday. Flushing anything down the toilet other than toilet paper can cause problems in the offender’s local sewer system. The 18th century saw major innovations in waste disposal. […]

3-D printed respitory valves
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3D-Printed Respirator Valves Exemplify Hospital-Based Robotics

March 23, 2020

Local manufacturers in Italy are 3D printing vital hospital equipment, FastCompany reported. With supplies running out, stocks of respirator valves have been replenished by good Samaritans in the north of the country. Medicine and robots continue to merge in exciting ways. […]

Woman sleeping in bed at night
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One Overlooked Tip to Help Protect Yourself from Coronavirus—Sleep

March 22, 2020

Among the many tips to stay safe from coronavirus is getting a full night’s rest, according to AmeriSleep. Practicing good hygiene and staying at home are vital, but it’s also important not to overlook the value of sleep. Boosting your immune system is just one of the functions of sleep. […]

Young girl sitting in a chair reading a comic book
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New Comic Helps Children Understand—Not Fear—Coronavirus

March 21, 2020

A new comic explains the coronavirus to kids in a positive, understandable way, developed by and available from NPR. It explains the need for proper hygiene and how rarely children get it. If comics aren’t for you, here’s how to ease kids’ anxiety. […]

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