Young lady wearing face mask travels in airport during coronavirus
Coronavirus News

Is It Safe to Travel During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

July 23, 2020

During a recent discussion with The Great Courses, Dr. Barry Fox, M.D., addressed the top questions related to the novel coronavirus. In this highlight, Professor Fox discusses the safety of traveling during the pandemic. […]

Covid 19 on laptop
Coronavirus News

Georgia Tech Unveils Tool to Gauge Public Events’ COVID Risk by County

July 20, 2020

A prominent Georgia college has developed a COVID risk assessment tool. Georgia Tech’s “COVID-19 Event Risk Assessment Planning Tool” lets users browse the nation by county to determine the likelihood of coming in contact with an infected person. How do we know sample data is representative? […]

image of health care worker using hand sanitizer
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Great Courses Professor Discusses Medicinal Prevention of COVID-19

July 18, 2020

Japan urged silence on roller coasters to prevent coronavirus spread, “The Guardian” reported. In an effort to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Japanese authorities are asking roller coaster riders and sports game attendees to refrain from shouting. A Great Courses professor talks medicinal prevention. […]

Rocks overlooking the Atlantic Ocean
Coronavirus News

Argentinian Man Sails across Atlantic to Spend Lockdown with Father

July 14, 2020

When his country canceled all flights, an Argentinian man sailed home from Portugal, “The New York Times” reported. His voyage, which took 85 days, reunited him with his brother and father shortly after his father turned 90 years old. The ocean’s currents played a major role the whole way. […]

Woman shopping while wearing face mask
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Wearing Face Masks Could Prevent 33,000 Deaths, Health Experts Say

July 11, 2020

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation said that if enough Americans wore masks, we could stop 33,000 COVID-19 deaths. This differs from its projected rate of 180,000 COVID-19 deaths by October if masks don’t become part of our daily routine. If you’re making a mask, consider these tips. […]

bird watcher in field
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Backyard Birding on the Rise Amid Safer-at-Home Measures

July 9, 2020

People stuck at home are turning to bird-watching to break up the boredom, NPR reported. In an interview with a reporter, a Cornell Labs ornithologist said her inbox has been flooded with people asking for help identifying birds. Your experience may vary based on where you live. […]

Coronavirus News

Saudi Arabia Restricts Annual Mecca Pilgrimage Due to COVID-19

July 7, 2020

The Saudi Arabian government is limiting this year’s hajj to Saudi residents only, NPR reported. The revered pilgrimage to Mecca is a vital component of practicing Islam, but will be off-limits to Muslims from other countries due to fears of spreading the coronavirus. The hajj is the fifth of The Five Pillars of Islam. […]

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