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Use It, Don’t Lose It—Preserve Your Memory and Your Imagination

May 25, 2020

Today, our Smartphones can all but guarantee that we never miss an important meeting or fall behind on our payments. However, our over-reliance on technology may be hurting us in the long run, when it comes to memory and cognition. Dr. Restak provides some fun exercises to re-invigorate your brain. […]

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Your Brain Is Not a Computer–The Many Facets of Human Memory

May 24, 2020

e sometimes refer to memory as “photographic,” and indeed, photos can capture potent memories. Digital cameras make it possible to date stamp each picture. Depending on privacy settings, GPS location settings can get an exact fix on where someone was when the picture was taken. As Dr. Restak explains, though, memory is too important to delegate to our technological tools. […]

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Why the Hippocampus May Be the Most Important Region in Your Brain

May 23, 2020

Memory is the natural extension of attention and learning. The act of memory facilitates the formation, activation, and retention of circuits that contribute to the brain’s optimal functioning. Dr. Restak explains how we are the sum total of the memory we retain. Without memory, we wouldn’t know who we are. […]

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Want to Burn More Fat? Make Your Exercise Count

May 21, 2020

Even if you’ve calculated how many calories you burn during a particular exercise, you probably don’t know how much fat you’re burning. Dr. Ormsbee explains the science behind fat-burning and why what you eat before exercise matters beyond “calories in, calories out.” […]

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One Egg or Two? Figuring Out How Much Fat to Eat in a Day

May 20, 2020

Even though the myth that “fat makes you fat” has largely been disproven and most nutrition experts now recognize that fat is an integral part of a healthy diet, there are still conflicting opinions in the nutrition world regarding fat consumption. Dr. Ormsbee brings some clarity to the table. […]

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