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Health News

Become More Attractive to Others through Mere-Exposure

April 7, 2021

Do you ever feel like you get ignored by the object of your affection or are constantly getting passed over for more conventionally attractive people? Professor Vishton explains how to make yourself more attractive and even lovable via something called mere-exposure. […]

Father playing with his daughter
Health News

To Raise Healthy Children, Focus on These Key Nutrients

April 2, 2021

Although the nutritional needs for children are similar to adults in most ways, you should be aware of some areas where extra attention is required. Professor Ormsbee discusses three nutrients of particular importance for children: calcium, iron, and water intake. […]

Teen sad on her bed
Coronavirus News

As COVID-Related Depression Spikes in Teens, a Refresher of Terms

April 2, 2021

Depression levels in teens are the highest psychologists have ever seen. Without access to new experiences, peers, a normal social structure, or personal connections, teenagers are suffering stagnation that sometimes ends in suicide. Depression falls into two distinct categories: reactive and clinical. […]

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