Food waste in trash bin
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As Food Waste Adds Up, Ideas to Reduce Costs and Maximize Value

December 22, 2019

A Natural Resources Defense Council study found that Americans annually throw out up to 25 percent of the food they buy. Fresh fruits and vegetables made up the most food waste in terms of tonnage. What causes this problem before and after food reaches our plates? […]

White pill capsules
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Monthly Pill Could Reshape Birth Control, Animal Testing Finds

December 12, 2019

A once-a-month birth control pill has proven successful in animal testing, according to AP News. Development will continue for several years, but early test results are promising. Birth control has had a major impact on reproductive health and rights in the United States. […]

Narcissistic girl looking at herself in the mirror
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Study Says Narcissists Happier Than Most, Despite Their Nature

November 10, 2019

People exhibiting traits of narcissism are less likely to be stressed or depressed, BBC News reported. Despite possessing one of the serious negative traits a person can have, they’re often happier than most people. But why are they so full of themselves? […]

Patient sitting with doctor smiling in doctors office
Health News

New Study on Placebo Effect Prompts Look at Power of Belief

October 30, 2019

A new study published in the scientific journal “Nature” shows that the placebo effect can be influence by doctors. Patients can pick up on their physicians’ attitudes towards a treatment and that subconscious awareness can affect the treatment’s success. It adds a new page to the story of medical mind over matter. […]

Woman training her dog silhouette
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A Well-Trained Dog May Increase Longevity, among Other Benefits

October 20, 2019

A study published in an “American Heart Association Journal” article suggested that dog ownership can lead to a longer life. The evidence is rooted in the increased physical activity that comes with maintaining a pet that needs walking and exercise. Getting started on training a dog is easier than it sounds. […]

Variety of nuts in wooden bowl
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Nuts Prevent Weight Gain, Showing Benefits of Protein and Fiber in Diet

October 12, 2019

A new study published in the online journal “BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health” says snacking on nuts reduces risk of weight gain. Switching just half a serving of unhealthy foods for nuts prevents long-term weight gain and obesity. Nuts have long been lauded as a snack food for their nutritional value. […]

woman choosing outfit at the beginning of her day
Health News

Clothing May Affect Mood, Suggesting Nonverbal Communication of Roles

October 5, 2019

An article in “HuffPost” said that our choice of wardrobe could be affecting our moods. Examples include wearing a cologne or perfume that brings back warm memories, or wearing a flattering outfit on your day off. Colors of clothing and colors in ads also subconsciously affect our thought patterns. […]

Close up of pesticide sprayer
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A Look at Evolution as “Havana syndrome” Linked to Pesticides

October 1, 2019

An illness affecting North American officials in Cuba may be pesticide related, “The Guardian” reported. The mysterious cognitive ailments injured dozens of diplomats in Cuba in 2016 and 2017. It adds another chapter to the evolving relationship of humans and disease, as some are cured and others arise. […]

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