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How Long Does It Take to Achieve Mastery in a Skill?

August 31, 2020

How many years of deliberate practice does it take to achieve mastery in a particular field or endeavor? Dr. Restak asked professor K. Anders Ericsson, a psychology professor at Florida State University who has spent his lifetime studying superior performers in the arts, sciences, and sports. […]

Woman reading nutritional label
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A Simple Guide to Reading a Nutrition Facts Label

August 25, 2020

Your ability to read a nutrition facts label will aid you tremendously in knowing what nutrients you are eating, plus help you with body composition changes you want to make. Professor Ormsbee explains how. […]

Man reading food packaging
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“Healthy Choice”—Really? How Food Labels Sway Consumers

August 22, 2020

Have you ever bought a bag of candy because the package claimed it had “all natural ingredients,” without checking to see how many calories or grams of sugar it had? You’re not the only one. Professor Ormsbee explains how food labeling captivates consumers. […]

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