Group of people doing push ups in gym
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Cursing Helps with Pain and Exercise Performance, Studies Show

November 9, 2019

Several studies indicate that swear words mitigate pain and ease exercise, CNN reported. Test subjects who were restricted to using “neutral words” had more difficulty with both experiences than those who weren’t. So-called “bad words” have an odd place in society. […]

Close up of prayer hands
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Nontraditional Church Features at Alaskan Government Meeting

October 8, 2019

A recent government meeting in Alaska began with Pastafarian prayer, according to AP News. A pastor of the religion performed an unusual opening prayer while wearing a pasta strainer on his head. Religions are nearly as diverse as their followers. […]

Prehistoric cave paintings of people
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Prehistoric Baby Bottles Are Newly Discovered Part of Late-Stone Age Diet

October 4, 2019

Vessels resembling sippy cups dated 5,500 B.C. have been found, according to a study published in the scientific journal “Nature.” They tested positive for nonhuman milk, showing the earliest use of domesticated animal milk feeding babies. The time period between the Stone and Bronze Ages offered many dietary options. […]

Happy couple walking outside in nature
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Compliments from Partners Matter, Prompting Look at Self-Image

September 29, 2019

Compliments from our significant others can stay with us for life, according to “The Huffington Post,” which recently published an article listing the best compliments their female readers have received and why it mattered so much. Receiving compliments also affects self-image. […]

Women dressed in Handmaid's Tale attire, red cloaks and white bonnets
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“Handmaid’s Tale” Sequel Continues Commentary on Sexism in Society

September 21, 2019

Margaret Atwood’s new Handmaid’s Tale sequel was inspired by modern sexism, according to Variety. The new book, titled The Testaments, picks up 15 years after the original and explores misogyny and theocratic prejudice. The original brilliantly wove themes of feminism and religion. […]

Woman walking through green lush pathway in woods
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Green Nature Spaces Improve Moods, Suggesting Color Associations

August 30, 2019

Contact with nature spaces was recently linked to better moods, according to an article published by the British Ecological Society (BES). Examinations of social media posts by people who frequent green spaces showed fewer instances of negative vocabulary. In many ways, colors affect the mind. […]

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