An impossible burger with potato chips
Health News

Burger King to Launch Vegan Whopper Nationwide by Year’s End

May 10, 2019

Fast food chain Burger King will offer its vegan Impossible Whopper nationwide by the end of 2019, Business Insider said. The news comes after an April trial run in St. Louis for the plant-based alternative to cheeseburgers. Can it help curb our meat habit? […]

Uranium Cube from Nazi era Germany

Physicists Hunt for Uranium Cubes from Nazi Germany

May 9, 2019

Scientists are searching for 664 cubes of uranium developed by Nazis during World War II, the popular physics site reported recently. The cubes are the result of unsuccessful efforts by German scientists to build a nuclear reactor. How far on the nuclear fuel cycle did they get? […]

asteroid travels towards earth

NASA Prepares Scenarios for Hypothetical Asteroid Defense

May 8, 2019

NASA and other scientists have begun training simulations to plan for asteroids colliding with Earth, according to Scenarios have been developed that would grant us eight years’ warning to avert a disaster. As we look at the asteroid belt, it holds many mysteries, threats, and fascinating facets. […]

Robotic delivery machine waiting at crosswalk

Robot Food Delivery on the Rise

May 7, 2019

What would you do if a rolling, autonomous cooler with food arrived at your feet? Professor Ken Albala, food historian, shares his opinions on robotic food-delivery systems. […]

beluga whale with russian tracking device on its neck

Whale Found Wearing Russian Harness Sparks Concerns of Naval Ops

May 7, 2019

A beluga whale spotted in Norway wearing a Russian harness sparked heightened concern over Russian special ops, “The Washington Post” reported. The creature’s harness read “Equipment of St. Petersburg,” raising concerns that it may be part of a top secret Russian intelligence program. Are marine mammals smart enough to spy on us? […]

Female Athlete Caster Semenya
Health News

Court Rules High-Testosterone Females Must Curb Hormone to Compete

May 6, 2019

A court decision forces female athletes with naturally high testosterone to face difficult decisions, “The New York Times” reported May 1. The highest international sports court ruled that women with high testosterone levels must either chemically suppress their hormones or compete against men. Learn more about the body’s hormonal system and the strength of muscles. […]

Close up of brown cow
Business News

New Dating App for Cows Lets Farmers Find Suitable Mates for Livestock

May 5, 2019

A new app called Tudder allows farmers to select matches for their cattle, Reuters reported. Bovine profile pages offer information such as milk yield and calving potential so farmers can browse and buy the cows based on their ranching preferences. The app is part of the “Third Wave” of the internet on which our daily lives depend. […]

Bacteria in dish with hand close up
Health News

Massachusetts Startup Sells Live Bacteria Products

May 4, 2019

AOBiome Therapeutics Inc. has raised $100 million to sell germs as topical products, a Bloomberg article said. The company is currently seeking FDA approval to sell pharmaceutical-grade topical live bacteria. Many microbial species are beneficial to humans. […]

Robot vacuum on the floor by table and window

Rogue Roomba Causes Burglary Scare, Police Response in Oregon

May 3, 2019

Oregon police responded to a burglary call only to find a Roomba® causing ruckus in a bathroom, according to NPR. A concerned house guest called the police due to strange noises coming from a locked bathroom, but when law enforcement got in, they found a robot vacuum moving back and forth across the floor. The development of robotic vacuum cleaners has come a long way. […]

Empty hospital bed with white sheets
Health News

Woman in German Hospital Awakens from 27-Year Coma

May 2, 2019

Munira Abdulla woke up from 27 years of being comatose due to an accident, according to Sky News. Abdulla was age 32 when her car was struck by a school bus. The prognosis for patients who experience long-term comas is usually less favorable. […]

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