Megachile pluto, Wallace's large bee close up. The worlds largest bee

World’s Largest Bee Spotted for First Time Since 1981

The Earth’s largest species of bee, Megachile pluto, has been spotted for the first time in nearly 40 years, according to National Geographic. Once thought extinct, it measures up to an inch and a half long. The rediscovery of the species prompts a look at the value that bees give us and the environmental dangers they face. […]

Mars rover oppy (opportunity) on mars.
Science News

Mars Rover Concludes Historic Fact-Finding Mission

After sending data from the red planet for 15 years, NASA’s Mars rover, Opportunity, has signed off for the last time. The findings during its record-breaking mission added priceless new information to our knowledge of Mars. […]

Meteorite falling from sky and sun setting in the background.
Science News

Rare Meteorite Hits Cuba

A meteorite unexpectedly struck western Cuba on Friday, February 1. Small celestial bodies have covered the moon in craters and have wiped out the dinosaurs. Here is what you need to know about asteroid and meteoroid collisions. […]

image of snowy road during polar vortex winter weather
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Polar Temperatures Sweep across the United States

January 2019 ended with some of the coldest temperatures on record. A polar vortex caused a major cold front to rip across the upper part of the United States, sending temperatures plummeting well below regular levels. But what is a polar vortex? […]