Math and physics background

Physicists Construct Frictionless “Supersolid”—in 2D

August 25, 2021

A newly-made, two-dimensional material defies laws of physics such as friction. The so-called “supersolid” exists as a quantum mechanical state of matter, with rigidly-structured but delocalized atoms. Friction otherwise exists between any two objects in contact. […]

Fake news post on social media, looking on phone

Reviewing Misinformation as Facebook Blamed for Vaccine Hesitancy

July 29, 2021

Misinformation on Facebook about COVID-19 vaccines plays a part in vaccine hesitancy. A recent study found that more than half the misleading information on the popular social media site can be traced back to just 12 individuals. New scientific discoveries lead to changes in recommendations for the public. […]

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