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Federal Agencies Warn of Increased Cybercrime Efforts against Hospitals

November 4, 2020

American hospitals are increasingly falling victim to cyber attacks recently, NPR reported. Specifically, they’re being targeted in “ransomware” schemes, where hackers lock up data and demand money from its owners to get it back. Cybersecurity fights contends with illegal system intrusions. […]

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Profanity Filter Wreaks Havoc on Virtual Paleontology Conference

October 28, 2020

Paleontologists were unable to discuss bones online due to a language filter, “The Guardian” reported. Slang terminology butted heads with science when a computerized language filter mistook fossil talk for naughty language. Finding fossils is hard enough without dealing with censorship. […]

Artificial brain

New AI Reads Billions of Web Pages to Communicate Information

September 15, 2020

Diffbot is an AI that learns by constantly reading the internet, MIT Technology Review reported. It pulls facts from every public web page to become more intelligent and to learn to communicate with humans by providing that information. Is artificial intelligence really “intelligent?” […]

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Coronavirus News

Apple and Google Develop COVID-19 Exposure Alerts for Smartphones

September 7, 2020

Apple and Google will alert smartphone owners to possible COVID-19 exposure, “USA Today” reported Tuesday. The alerts will come in the form of voluntary push notifications that the companies say will not compromise participants’ privacy. Geolocation is already in use on smartphones. […]

Open sign on restaurant window
Coronavirus News

Restaurant to Reopen with Seated Mannequins to Appear Fuller

May 20, 2020

One restaurant will reopen to 50 percent capacity with mannequins filling other tables, WTOP News reported. This will be done to prevent patrons from feeling like they’re sitting in an empty dining room. Will diners find this comforting or creepy? […]

Covid 19 outbreaks on world map
Coronavirus News

New Geography Data Apps Track, Analyze Coronavirus Spread

April 4, 2020

Climates and geographic regions provide key data on the coronavirus, a “Forbes” column said recently. Institutions like Johns Hopkins University offer data that tracks and analyzes the spread of the disease by physical location. Geography is sometimes key to slowing diseases. […]

3-D printed respitory valves
Coronavirus News

3D-Printed Respirator Valves Exemplify Hospital-Based Robotics

March 23, 2020

Local manufacturers in Italy are 3D printing vital hospital equipment, FastCompany reported. With supplies running out, stocks of respirator valves have been replenished by good Samaritans in the north of the country. Medicine and robots continue to merge in exciting ways. […]

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