Open sign on restaurant window
Coronavirus News

Restaurant to Reopen with Seated Mannequins to Appear Fuller

May 20, 2020

One restaurant will reopen to 50 percent capacity with mannequins filling other tables, WTOP News reported. This will be done to prevent patrons from feeling like they’re sitting in an empty dining room. Will diners find this comforting or creepy? […]

Covid 19 outbreaks on world map
Coronavirus News

New Geography Data Apps Track, Analyze Coronavirus Spread

April 4, 2020

Climates and geographic regions provide key data on the coronavirus, a “Forbes” column said recently. Institutions like Johns Hopkins University offer data that tracks and analyzes the spread of the disease by physical location. Geography is sometimes key to slowing diseases. […]

3-D printed respitory valves
Coronavirus News

3D-Printed Respirator Valves Exemplify Hospital-Based Robotics

March 23, 2020

Local manufacturers in Italy are 3D printing vital hospital equipment, FastCompany reported. With supplies running out, stocks of respirator valves have been replenished by good Samaritans in the north of the country. Medicine and robots continue to merge in exciting ways. […]

Close up of woman looking at her phone with a page from Canterbury tales onscreen.

Canterbury Tales Gets App Treatment, First Classic Literary Work to Do So

February 16, 2020

“The Canterbury Tales” will be the first major literary work to be available as an app, reported recently. The digital version of Chaucer’s classic novel will feature an audio reading of a portion of the work, plus several interactive learning points. The epic work will be much more than just an ebook. […]

Closeup of a groundhog

PETA Pushes Groundhog Retirement, AI Replacement

February 9, 2020

PETA issued a letter calling for the relief of groundhog Punxsutawney Phil. The tradition of predicting long winters involves a groundhog seeing its shadow, but PETA says it’s time to get with the times. The animal rights group suggested a robotic replacement. […]

military drone flying by sunset

Mysterious Drones over Great Plains Raise Security Concerns

January 9, 2020

Drones of unknown origin flying over Colorado and Nebraska are worrying locals, “The New York Times” reported. Local law enforcement has been flooded with calls from citizens concerned about their safety and privacy. Legislature regarding drones is struggling to keep up. […]

Missile in air with sky background

Russian Missile Flies at Mach 27, A New Milestone in Weaponry

January 6, 2020

A new Russian weapon, the Avangard, travels 27 times the speed of sound, AP News reported recently. Fired from a ballistic missile, it also has groundbreaking maneuverability, making it harder to track. Breaking the sound barrier back in 1947 was a feat of technology and aviation. […]

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