Dark matter concept

Dark Matter Researched through Computer Simulation of 8 Million Universes

September 1, 2019

Scientists conducted a computer simulation of 8 million universes to understand dark matter, the University of Arizona (UA) website announced. The team of UA researchers were testing how each universe would form and what role dark matter would play in galaxy formation. Here’s what science knows about dark matter. […]

Franky Zapata flying on his "flyboard"

As Man Takes Another Step Towards the Skies, A Look at Bird Flight

July 31, 2019

A French inventor flew halfway across the English Channel on a skateboard-sized device, according to the BBC News. Franky Zapata aimed to cross the Channel in just 20 minutes but missed his refueling platform by just a few inches, cutting the flight short. He likened it to bird flight, though the physics differs. […]

a sticker that reads I voted

Microsoft to Release Software Kit for Voters to Track Ballots

May 15, 2019

Citing concerns of election fraud, Microsoft is releasing ballot-tracking software, NPR reported. The software kit will allow voters to track their votes as they go through the counting process and notify them if and when tampering occurs. This tool aims to secure our increasingly vulnerable voting system. […]

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