View of hurricane from space

Busy Hurricane Seasons End Greek Alphabet Naming System

March 27, 2021

An uptick in hurricanes is rendering their Greek naming system obsolete. In recent years, hurricane season has brought more storms with it, many of which arrive earlier than usual. Hurricane season is a complex system in meteorology. […]

Susan B Anthony

Hidden Attic in New York Building Held Susan B. Anthony Portrait

February 10, 2021

A New York building held an antique portrait of Susan B. Anthony, CNN reported. A man who bought the building in December 2020 had no idea the building even had an attic, but found a treasure trove in it. Anthony led the National American Woman Suffrage Association. […]

Camano island in Washington state

Family Finds Mammoth Tooth on Island North of Seattle

February 9, 2021

A family on Camano Island discovered a mammoth tooth on a beach, “Stanwood Camano News” reported. The blast from the past found its new home when the family was out walking the beach. They confirmed what the discovery was with a museum in Seattle. Mammoths first evolved three million years ago. […]

Positive market change
Business News

Professor for The Great Courses Explains GameStop Stock Surge

February 4, 2021

Internet users drove GameStop’s stock prices up 2,000% in a matter of weeks, C|Net reported. The move was a response to short sellers betting against the video game retailer and waiting for shares to plummet. A professor for The Great Courses explains. […]

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