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Coronavirus News

Flushed Paper Towels, Wipes a Concern in NY Amid Toilet Paper Shortage

March 24, 2020

New Yorkers short on toilet paper may begin flushing paper towels and baby wipes, the “Houston Chronicle” reported Thursday. Flushing anything down the toilet other than toilet paper can cause problems in the offender’s local sewer system. The 18th century saw major innovations in waste disposal. […]

Young girl sitting in a chair reading a comic book
Coronavirus News

New Comic Helps Children Understand—Not Fear—Coronavirus

March 21, 2020

A new comic explains the coronavirus to kids in a positive, understandable way, developed by and available from NPR. It explains the need for proper hygiene and how rarely children get it. If comics aren’t for you, here’s how to ease kids’ anxiety. […]

Tornado aftermath of housing and buildings

With 24 Dead from Tennessee Twister, A Look at Tornadoes

March 13, 2020

Twenty-four people died after a tornado struck central Tennessee on March 3, NBC News reported. The incident was the second deadliest in Tennessee’s tornado history, outdone only by a 1952 twister that killed 38 people. Many of us understand tornadoes less than we think. […]

Senior couple looking on computer at table

Seniors Learning to Spot Fake News as It Increases before Election

March 6, 2020

A senior center in Maryland offers a workshop on identifying “fake news,” NPR reported. Seniors learn to prevent dubious sites from taking advantage of them by becoming acquainted with reputable fact-checking sites and other online tools. Misinformation is a major ongoing threat today. […]

Close up of police badge

Married Off-Duty Police Officers Stop Robbery during Date Night

February 27, 2020

Two off-duty police officers eating out on date night observed a masked man and saved the restaurant from a robbery, CNN reported. The married Kentucky couple followed the armed thief out of the restaurant, stopped him, and held him until additional officers arrived on the scene. Their alertness and training were key. […]

Close up of female driving steering wheel in car with passenger

Woman Forced to Be Getaway Driver on First-Date-Turned-Robbery

February 17, 2020

A man plead guilty last week after taking a first date on a stick-up, CNN reported. The woman who picked him up for a date became an unwitting getaway driver when he nonchalantly asked her to stop by the bank. How do bank robbers pick their targets and tools? […]

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